Concierge FAQs

How does Smart City Concierge work?

After helping you land your kick-ass new apartment, your agent will connect you with a member of our Concierge team to assist you with your move-in checklist.  Just like your agent helped you explore options for apartments, your dedicated Concierge Specialist will help you navigate and land the best rates on your move-in services.

How much does the Concierge service cost?

Working with a Concierge Specialist is just like our Apartment Locating service—totally free!

Do I have to be working with a Smart City Apartment Locator to use the Concierge service?

Nope—anyone who hasn’t already moved into their new place is welcome to work with Concierge or use our affiliate links for discounts from our partners. Since our services are catered to the things you need to set up prior to moving in (electricity, movers, internet, renter’s insurance, etc), that’s when we are most helpful.

Can Concierge negotiate my utility rates?

Concierge specializes in getting our clients connected with quality partners with competitive rates. We won’t be able to negotiate existing utility rates, but we can help you compare and find the best deals out there. Once you’ve selected your provider, we’ll even set up services for you—one less box to check off!

Do I get any deals or discounts for using Concierge?

Duh! The majority of our partners offer discounts and special pricing just for our clients. Get the scoop on our current affiliates and services here.

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