Fresh Grads: Do You Really Need A Roommate?

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Jul 10, 2018

If you’re a fresh grad looking for a new place in Houston (or anywhere, really), you’re probably chatting with friends, wondering if you should take that next step and become roomies! It’s a valid question and we’ve all been there before!

On one hand, you could have an amazing relationship with your roomie. What’s better than having a built-in going out buddy? Well…there’s also the chance they down your kombucha when you’re at work or commandeer the freezer with frozen meals they never actually make.

It could go either way, which makes you a bit nervous about signing a lease with someone. Before you go running into a lease with the girl who complimented your shoes in the coffee shop last week or running for the hills to live alone in the woods, Thoreau-style, take a step back and think to yourself: Do I need a roommate?

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ROOMIES: Who Needs ‘Em?

Well, a good amount of people actually. In Houston, the average starting salary for a Bachelor’s Degree holdin’ graduate is about $29-33k annually. If we were to go with the higher end of that range, that would come to around $2,750 a month before taxes. Now, virtually all properties want you to make at least 3 times your rent each month. Meaning, that brings your budget, using the average starting salary, to around $900 a month.

But let’s say that you find a roomie…now your rent budget goes up to at least $1,800 for a two bedroom. The options that open up for a beautiful place in some awesome areas are amazing! You could live in Midtown with walkability to the nearby bars. As you may have guessed, the higher the budget you two have, the more options there are!

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WELL…Who Should I Room With?!

That’s a GREAT and vital question! It all comes down to how well you can cohabitate with people, not just for convenience or friendship. Especially, with the amount of stories where people move in with their close-ish friend just because their move dates aline and they end up hating it. That’s not something we wish upon our worst enemy! Your home is your safe space, a place where you come to relax, unwind, and eat ice cream from the container–you name it, it’s your space!

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when considering who to room with:


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This is important because you both need to have around the same idea on what you are willing to pay for rent and utilities. Finances can cause a huge rift between even the closest relationships, so definitely get that out in the open first. That way you and your possible roommate are on the same page!


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This can cause a bit of unnecessary conflict between anyone! So, our advice is to figure out what you are most comfortable with (mess wise) for common areas you share! No one wants to see days-old dishes in the sink, or old food sitting out, or worse a dirty bathroom! Make sure you and any potential roomie are on the same page when it comes to cleanliness.


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Most of these issues can be solved through open communication with your potential roommate: dietary restrictions, privacy, guest visits, music volume (when taking showers), and anything you feel is important. So, talk about it! Especially, before you sign a lease with someone, you need to make sure you both know what you are getting into. If you take the extra steps to find the most compatible roommate, you’re sure to have a much more enjoyable time at your cool new pad–and who knows, you may even get a new bestie!

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