Let us take you to…Funky Town!

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Erin Lipinsky
Jan 29, 2020

Let’s talk about the F-word…Fort Worth, obviously! When people hear “DFW metroplex,” the first thing that typically comes to mind is Dallas. Okay, warranted because it’s a major city, but so is Fort Worth! Of the 6.8 million humans who populate the Metroplex, almost one million reside in this rustic little city (no, we did not take cows into account), and there’s a lot more to do than have a marg at Joe T.’s or visit the historic stockyards.

Upon being founded as a military outpost in 1849, Fort Worth quickly gained recognition as a king of the cattle industry, earning it the name ‘Cowtown,’ and has, in more recent years, come to be known as ‘Funky Town’ for its vibrant nightlife! What was once viewed as a somewhat conservative cowboy frontier, is now an inclusive and ideal place or singles (no shade) and families alike to settle down. In fact, our clients seem to really love good ‘ol Funky Town, so we thought we’d share a few of their favorite spots to lease!

TCU/ Westcliff

Westcliff is often referred to as “the next hot neighborhood.” It takes on the fresh vibe of Texas Christian University’s student population, and in the last few years has grown up a bit, as well. Whereas, before, Westcliff was known as the place all the college kids lived, now it’s blossoming into this cozy spot for all types of renters. So, not only is it still a great area for students attending TCU, it’s the perfect spot for transitioning out of college life and into the phenomena that is post-grad (#adulting)!

A property in the area that we love, and recently featured on Facebook, is Magnolia at University Heights. The floor plans here are efficient af – space is organized in a way that optimizes the amount of use and furniture placement that can happen within it. With features like ample over-head storage, sliding barn doors, and intuitive area flow, each unit feels like it’s much bigger than the square footage it hosts. In our last post featuring them, the property was running reduced pricing, placing their lowest starting rate for their studios at less than $1,000! Plus, it’s brand-spanking-new, a mile from TCU and close to the FW Stockyards and Downtown!

kitchen in a studio apartment in fort worth

Sundance Square/ Downtown

This energy-filled district near Downtown is the city’s entertainment hub and home to endless activities, restaurants and coffee shops, shows and annual festivals. This little area was the catalyst for change back in the seventies and has since grown into one of Fort Worth’s hottest tourist and weekend destinations. Who doesn’t love popping into Pete’s Piano bar to perform a butchered duet, attending the annual Lonestar Film Festival, or hitting up a show at Bass Performance Hall?

We recently featured Lofts at Alta Leftbank on our Instagram, boasting a very rad special of four weeks free, bringing starting rates down to less than $950! These gorgeous units offer loads of natural light, and while they’re a little closer to West 7th Street, the property is a mere mile from everything happening in Sundance Square downtown. Plus, you’ve got Snooze, Nekter, Full Psycle, Hopdoddy, Chuy’s all right outside your door! Did we mention this property offers residents exclusive hookups to local businesses and bars? You heard it here first!

floating island and kicthen in fort worth texas

West 7th Street District

This has long been the epicenter of prime dining, shopping and entertainment destination for Fort Worthians (or Fort Worthers – take your pick) to indulge in some of their favorite spots. Velvet Taco, Steel City Pops, 85C Bakery, Rodeo Goat, Trinity Park; the list goes on and on. So, it makes sense for many of our clients who want to be in the center of “it all,” while being nestled away in a spot that feels very “neighborhood-y.”

One property we love in this area is Parkside So7. Studio apartments there currently start at around $1100 and go up from there depending on which floor plan and layout suits you best. Each unit boasts vaulted ceilings, upgraded appliances and sleek earthy finishes (hello, zen), and the location puts you walking distance from Trinity Park. Plus, last we checked, the property was running a new year special depending upon your desired move-in date, which, if you’re interested in getting the best deal possible, we know a guy/gal. *wink wink*

Samuels Ave (Rock Island)

This stretch of street, also known as Rock Island, stands out for its modern integration of some of Fort Worths most historic homes and original establishments. It has been coined as an up-and-coming area and with developments made in recent years, it seems like the progress isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Spend a little time outdoors at Trader Oak Park, grab a plate of breakfast tacos from Las Pericas, head 2 miles north and hang out at the Fort Worth Stockyards, or travel a few minutes south to explore the Pioneers Rest Cemetery for a settlers history lesson.

Samuels Ave may not be the longest stretch of street in the world, but our clients seem to like it’s rather central location. A property we often lease at in this neighborhood is Kelley at Samuels Ave, nestled right off the Trinity River. It boasts lots of modern, sophisticated finishes and its location puts residents less than 15 minutes from some of Fort Worth’s main attractions (West 7th St, The Stockyards, Sundance Square, the Watergardens; the list goes on). Last time we posted the property on our Instagram feed, they were featuring a $2,500 concession, taking starting rates of one-bedroom units from $1255 to $1063! Plus, the doggie park on the property serves up all the good Downtown views for renters and their pups (just in case that’s a “must” on your list).

l-kitchen and bar


Attention all bikers, runners, sit-on-a-patio-with-a-beer’ers and outdoor enthusiasts alike – Have you checked out the southwest side of Fort Worth? You’ve got the newer Waterside shopping area, complete with a Whole Foods and other delicious neighboring restaurants (with patios and beers); and the Trinity Trails Southwest Trailhead right there, which has earned itself some rave reviews on Google.

We actually find ourselves leasing a decent amount of clients in this neighborhood at Alta Waterside. Totally makes sense – the property offers one, two and three-bedroom layouts, making it a great option for families; upgraded features like Bluetooth surround sound with built-in speakers, and hike and bike trail connections! Plus, last time we worked with them we established what we call a “negotiated deal,” which essentially means we enter an agreement with the property to exclusively offer clients leased through Smart City better pricing than usual. In this case, we negotiated an extra $500 gift card on top of current specials for move-ins in select units! Negotiated deals happen frequently with properties we work with in Dallas and we’re beginning to gain more and more traction in Fort Worth, as well! Fort Worth is already doing all the work to continue making it a top destination for renters, negotiated deals are just our special contribution to bring that effort even more full-circle.

kitchen island in fort worth texas

Are you convinced to rent an apartment in good ‘ol Funky Town yet? You’re always welcome to creep our Instagram and Facebook accounts (@smartcityapts) until it’s time to move, or just to see what The Metroplex has to offer renters. Believe us, there’s something out there for everyone!

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