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If having a wardrobe primarily made up of swimsuits is on your to-do list, the Magic City is where you need to be. Miami was recently ranked number one on Planetware.com’s “12 Top-Rated Beaches in Florida” and listed within the top 20% of cities on WalletHub’s 2019 list of “Most Diverse Cities in the U.S.” The vibrant city is a favorite amongst people looking to relocate to warmer climates, overflowing with diversity and culture. With more than 17% growth over the last decade and no apparent plans of slowing down, the cost of living in Miami is higher than the national average. Don’t worry, we know all the tricks of the (apartment-locating) trade, and pride ourselves on finding good value and quality apartments for renters all over Miami.

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Miami at a Glance

Florida’s second-largest metro hosts 6.2 million residents, many of whom like things hot. Miami’s lowest temperatures average in the high 60s during the December and January months and the mid to high 80’s from April to October. That’s right, go ahead and get rid of that “winter clothes” box! Exploding with culture and entertainment, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the Magic City. When you’re done working on your tan and exploring South Beach, head over to the Wynwood neighborhood and take advantage of numerous photo ops presented by the area’s highly revered street art, then dine in at a restaurant worthy of making a reservation for.

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Best Places to Live in Miami

Before you start picking out properties and floor plans, you’ve got to consider which neighborhood(s) you’d like to live in; and sometimes too many options really is just that–too many! With a number of locations each boasting unique pros and cons, the whole thing can trigger analysis paralysis. We’re here to make moving to Miami easy for you, so bookmark our Miami Neighborhoods page, pick out a few of your favorites, then let our agents help you get through the rest. Pro tip: prioritize neighborhoods close to the places you frequent most, such as work, the gym, your favorite rum joint or your best friend’s place!

Q : What do I do if I have to move in and start work by a certain date, but I’m not able to visit Miami beforehand?

A : Leasing an apartment “sight unseen” can be stressful. To minimize that, our apartment locators will tour units in your place and send you pictures and videos ensuring that the one you choose meets all your apartment needs. Our team also offers Facetime tours so that you can see a few units in real-time before entering into a lease.

Q : I need to move to Miami 5 months from now, are you guys able to help?

A : Absolutely! The most accurate apartment availability and pricing are accessible about 60 days out from any move date, but it’s a good idea to get connected with your Smart City agent before then. That gives us time to get to know you and gather the information we need to identify your ideal apartment. Then, 60-days out from your relocation date, we’ll begin your Miami apartment search and curate a personalized list of apartments that meet your qualifications.

Q : What if I am coming to Miami for only one or two days to look at apartments?

A : This is our full-time job! If you’re coming in on a Saturday, just let your agent know and they can have updated availability and pricing for you to look over before you come. We love touring out-of-towners because t gives us the opportunity to show off how much we love this city. We’ll even share some top-secret, locals-only insight, too! Tourist who?

Q : What neighborhood should I live in?

A : This is a tough one – there are so many amazing and vastly different neighborhoods in Miami. Some of our favorites include Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, and Wynwood. Luckily, our agents are prepared to ask the right questions that can help you narrow things down! We understand that your neighborhood becomes your community, and there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing where to plant roots, including budget, commute, and personal interests. 

Q : How do I set up electricity/utilities?

A : There are a variety of electricity providers in Miami, so residents get the power to choose who they work with. The most common choices are Duke Energy, Florida Power and Light Company, or Gulf Power Company. Be sure to coordinate with your apartment property to verify their preferred process for setting up utilities.

Q : What movers should I use?

A : Reach out to the Smart City Concierge team by calling or texting 305-702-0385 to get connected with our partnered moving company!

Q : What are my transportation options?

A : Miami has three different forms of public transportation that get you to and from most places in the Miami-Dade area: The Metrobus, the Metrorail, and the Metromover. 

The Metrobus services Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, West Miami-Dade, Broward County, Homestead, Florida City, and the Middle Keys. 

The Metrorail is 25-miles long and provides service to Miami International Airport, and runs from Kendall through South Miami to Downtown. It also has lines to the Civic Center/Jackson Memorial Hospital area, Brownsville, Liberty City, Hialeah, and Medley in northwest Miami-Dade. Connecting lines also run to Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Lastly, the Metromover is a free service running seven days a week in the Downtown and Brickell area. Major destinations include the American Airlines Arena, Bayside Marketplace, and Miami-Dade College.

Q : Are pets allowed?

A : Rest assured, Miami is pet-friendly! However, properties each have their own rules, regulations and fees when it comes to apartment pets. You’ll want to check with your agent to ensure the apartment you’re interested in allows roommates of the four-legged and furry variety. Most properties allow dogs, cats and other animal breeds but require a pet deposit, sometimes accompanied by an additional monthly fee. If you have an “aggressive” pet breed (we use quotations because we know your pitbull is sweet), your options will be limited but they do exist!

Q : What do deposits and upfront costs look like for renting in Miami?

A : On average, we see application fees range from $75-$125, admin fees range from $250-$500, and varying deposit amounts depending on the apartment properties. However, working with an apartment expert gives you a better chance at leasing an apartment with specials and savings, which can sometimes include waived fees and deposits

Q : Fridge, Microwave, Parking?

A : Thankfully in Miami, refrigerators and microwaves are provided in almost every unit; but there are the ones that surprise us and come without. On-site parking options, costs and availability are most dependent on location and vary between parking garages or open lots. Some properties have additional fees for parking multiple cars and/or assigned spaces, so make sure to ask your agent about these fees if it’s important to you.

Q : Do you offer furnished and/or short term leases?

A : The Smart City Concierge team can connect you with our partner services for furniture rental, CORT. They even offer our clients a special discount! Just call or text 305-702-0385 to get connected.

As for short term leases, the minimum lease term we work with is 6 months, and in these cases, rent is usually MUCH higher–sometimes double that of a 12-month lease! We always tell people that if they’re planning to stay for at least a year, it’s worth it to sign a 12+ month lease on one unit and save the money!

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