Grant Park

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What Its Known For

The largest historic neighborhood in Atlanta, known for it's Victorian homes and artisan bungalows
The namesake park often hosts events and is home to the expansive Zoo Atlanta.


Central location southeast of downtown, along the Beltline
Frequent community functions, including parades and festivals


Limited sit-down dining and nightlife options
Mostly residential

Located southeast of Downtown, Grant Park is known for its historic architecture and abundant green space, as well as being home to Zoo Atlanta. Grant Park provides residents the convenience of living in town at a more affordable cost. Though not big on nightlife, this small neighborhood hosts a few pubs and restaurants to grab a meal and/or drink without the need to venture out into the busier Atlanta neighborhoods all the time.

The area’s namesake park is known to host a variety of events, including parades and festivals centered around food, music, and art. Grant Park also attracts many weekend visitors with it’s Sunday farmer’s market. Only somewhat walkable, the area does offer public transit options in the form of a few varying MARTA bus routes, and on the north side, access to MARTA train lines at King Memorial Transit Station.

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Grant Park is one of the most peaceful, yet centrally located neighborhoods in Atlanta. The Beltline is getting extended here, so it's about to get way more popular!

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