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What Its Known For

Hip and trendy neighborhood
Music and art
Unique nightlife scene


Variety of rental price points
Plenty of entertainment spots
Easy to get around


More residential than commercial


While being one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Chicago, Wicker Park maintains its hip reputation by constantly re-inventing itself. The area is named for its centerpiece, Wicker Park, one of the city’s smaller green spaces with gardens, picnic spots, and recreational sports facilities. Wicker Park is located just south of Bucktown, and the two neighborhoods are often grouped together based on their proximity and similar feel.


Do people even use the word “hipster” anymore? Either way, you know the vibe—Wicker Park is the place for those who are into record stores, quaint booksellers, experimental art galleries, Instagram-worthy murals, and cool coffee shops. This area is also known for its unique nightlife scene—The Violet Hour tops nearly every neighborhood guide with its prohibition-era-themed cocktails, making it one of the most popular spots to grab a drink (pro tip: be sure to check out their happy hour specials). In need of a fun-filled Sunday? We recommend checking out the vendors at the Wicker Park Farmers Market, then fighting off the scaries with a visit to one of the many boozy brunch spots nearby.


This area has seen record real estate development in recent years, with new apartment buildings, condos, and converted lofts springing up to coexist with the historical brownstones. Based on its convenient location, rentals tend to be pricy. If you’re looking to live in a similar area but with more affordable rent, we think Bucktown is a great alternative.

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