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Market-Leading Retention Rate

Our clients renew their lease at an average of 65%. Our licensed agents ensure your residents make an educated decision and evaluate all of their options before signing a lease. This lowers your turnover to competitive properties and in turn, lowers your vacancy costs.

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Two-Tiered Qualification Process

Our two-tiered qualification process ensures your best leasing teams spend more time on real, qualified prospects. Our clients are 5x more likely to lease than the average ILS lead.

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Increase Property Reviews and Feedback Loop

Your brand is everything, and we know how seriously you take feedback. Our concierge team is focused on driving positive 5 star reviews to your property’s Google page, while simultaneously sending negative feedback privately to your inbox.

We put heads in beds.

In 2020, we leased over 18,000 people by specializing in filling vacancies in multifamily quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Our renter network is growing by over 40% per year. We love making our management partnerships look like heroes to ownership.

Chip Lambert and team have done a great job about making sure they send us qualified prospects, calling to make appointments, following up to see how they went, explaining our specials to the prospects so they’re more well-informed when they come in the door. They are helping us to lease up our community!

Alexan Avondale

Smart City — a free apartment locating startup founded on a radical commitment to caring about clients —everyone is essential because everyone is a human being, not just a name on a spreadsheet.

Mile High CRE
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Smart City has been one of our biggest partners in leasing units in bulk, and their team is really engaged with our staff. Any time we need to lease a block of units to hit our occupancy goals, the property success team at Smart City is one of our first calls. Kendall and her team are really great at communicating on goals, timelines, and specific units that will be marketed to their clients. We would recommend them to any client or property management company looking to fill up their property!

Cypress at Trinity Groves

The self-described ‘hip, trendy and client-focused locators’ are passionate about helping provide housing accommodations, as well as working with each other.

Dallas Business Journal
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