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Property Relations

Smart City Property Relations by the NumbersWe’re different from other apartment locators

We have a professionally innate ability to connect clients with apartments they want, for a price they prefer, in a time span that’s extremely efficient. But, that’s not why we’re different, even though it’s our greatest strength as a service provider. We’re different from other apartment locators because we’ve built an entire team dedicated to being property partners, which is essential to completing the circle, and very niche sector, of real estate that is apartment locating. 

With the renting climate sitting a little more sedentary in recent weeks, it will become essential to understand how the Smart City Property Relations team can be a partner to perpetuate leasing fluidity. 

Leveraging us as a partner to increase occupancy

Our Property Relations (PR) team works alongside local properties and management companies to establish what are called “negotiated deals.” Based on a property’s current occupancy and floor plan availability, and surrounding property price comparison-to-occupancy, our PR team proposes exclusive contractual pricing between said property and Smart City clients. As a business built on strong social media marketing, we’ve found that followers convert to loyal clients most often if they’re either referred by a friend or offered lower effective monthly rent than they can find themselves.

In fact, in the first quarter of this year alone, 73 percent of all units we marketed at an agreed-upon negotiated price got leased within one week of posting. For units that have sat on the market for longer than it took to negotiate exclusive specials to reduce the price and get them leased through a Smart City agent, that’s monumental. Furthermore, the total revenue of properties that engaged with the Smart City PR team exceeded $2.7M. At a time when renters are uncertain about whether moving to a new apartment is a viable option, leveraging a leasing partner with an available client pool can be an effective way to lease vacant units in a short amount of time.

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Why negotiated price?

We call this the “cause of the close,” or what turns our network of clients into your tenants. We’ve learned that five things cause clients to close on a deal they see on our social media platforms, or that their agent sends them- educated and prepared leasing staff, quality media, longer hold times, favorable location; and, most importantly, price! Not only do we have the data to provide that insight, but we also have our very own customer relationship management (CRM) portal that tracks the journey of each of our clients. Based on that information, we’re able to suggest specials exclusive to our clients that we know works; it’s far from a guessing game.

On average, exclusive specials and pricing reflect approximately an eight percent decrease from the market price. This is the sweet spot – it’s where we see the most return on investment when it comes to clients moving with a sense of urgency to tour, apply to, and leasing up available units.

Do you have units you need to rent? If you manage or own an apartment property that works with locators, and want to lease-up units at a speedy rate, reach out to us so we can share effective market knowledge with you! Send an inquiry email to our Property Relations team at [email protected].


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