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Our end-to-end locating service is here to make your search for a new apartment as seamless as possible.

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When you’ve found your place, we’ll handle utility and internet setup while you treat yourself to discounts on the services you need for an easy move.

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No automated apartment lists here! Your agent is a real, local human here to help you navigate your move to a new city and land a place you love.

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Don’t worry about scouring the internet for the best apartment deal. Our team works with properties to get our clients the best pricing.

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    Moving in made stress-free

    Complete your moving checklist all in one place. While our team sets up utilities and internet at your new place, browse exclusive discounts with our partnered move-in services below.

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    What our clients have to say

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    Once I applied [for my apartment], I figured my time with Smart City Locating was complete but I was then connected with someone else to help me properly prepare for the logistics of my move. I am so blown away by the quality of service with this company and I would recommend them to anyone else who is looking to move!

    Kelsey C.

    [My agent’s] energy was wonderful, and I had quite a few crises that she was able to help me navigate with such a positive attitude. I was able to find an apartment that I loved with a price they negotiated, and she was super supportive the entire time. I told my boyfriend to reach out to them as well, because she was always available and responded really quickly.

    Haley M.
    via Yelp!

    [My agent] not only worked with me for weeks on end to find the perfect spot, but came to help me move when I had no one else. Smart City Apartment Locating is an awesome free service that will go above and beyond to find the perfect apartment for your needs! Highly recommended.

    Dominique P.

    [Our agent] helped us find an apartment from moving out of state. He was so nice and very responsive. 100% recommend!

    Cynthia H.
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