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We connect people with apartments for free, and it’s our goal to find you the most kickass place to live for the absolute best price! We are Smart City Locating and we’re here to take the hassle and stress out of finding amazing apartments in Dallas, Houston and Austin.

Let’s face it. Finding an apartment is tough.

It takes too long

Spending 5+ hours a day searching for an apartment? That sucks!

Wrong info

Trusting the pricing and availability you find online? Forget about it!


A few pictures and a paragraph doesn’t give you a feel for the place.

We work hard so you don’t have to

Experience matters

You find an apartment once a year. We find an apartment every thirty minutes!

Endless options

There are thousands of apartments in the city. We know how to find the best ones with the best deals.

Time is money

Don’t quit your day job in order to find your next apartment; we do this full-time.

Where are you moving?

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Join us. Work hard. Give a damn. Have fun.

Say goodbye to the Sunday Scaries, and turn your passion into purpose.

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