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How Using Our Apartment Locating Service Works

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Sarah Wuenscher
Apr 7, 2023

If the term “apartment hunting” sends shivers down your spine, we totally get it. Scouring the internet for options and dealing with dozens of fact-check phone calls is basically a full-time job. The good news is, there’s an easier way to find a place— and it’s to have a pro do all of the hard work for you. Sound too good to be true? We sat down with Kalie, a Smart City agent in Austin, to break down how using our Apartment Locating service works (spoiler alert: it is not, in fact, too good to be true.)


Working with a locator

First off, Apartment Locators at Smart City aren’t chatbots — they’re real, human experts on the apartment market, and their full-time job is to connect renters with apartments that check their boxes!  After you fill out our form or contact us through our social media, you’ll be paired with your dedicated agent. They’ll give you a call (or if you hate phone calls, exchange some texts) to get to know a little bit more about you and what you’re looking for in your next place. You’ll cover stuff like your ideal timeline for moving in, your location and finish preferences, and a few personal questions about your income, credit, and rental history. We promise your agent isn’t just nosy AF— they’re making sure to save you time and money by avoiding any potential renting roadblocks.

The search

After your agent is up to speed on what you’re looking for, they’ll run a thorough search across the market and send you the best options that match your wants and needs. From there, you can give feedback about which you love, which you’re not feeling, and which you’d like to tour! Your agent will handle scheduling tours at your favorites, and you get to do the fun part of pretending you’re on your own personal episode of House Hunters. Remembering what to look out for while touring can be overwhelming, but your agent can tag along to help make sure none of the important questions go unanswered.

Connecting utilities, internet, movers, & more

Once you’ve found and applied for your perfect apartment, our work doesn’t stop there! Just like your agent made the apartment hunting process a breeze, our Smart City Connect team is dedicated to making the move-in process as smooth as possible. Your agent will introduce you to your dedicated Relocation Specialist who will help set up your utilities, WiFi, and get you discounts on all of the move-in services you need.

And that’s a wrap, until about 10 months from now. When your lease is almost up, your agent will touch base to see if you’re still loving where you live and plan on renewing your lease, or if it’s time to repeat the process and find your next place!

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