11 ways to give your apartment balcony a facelift

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Lacy H.
Jan 20, 2021

First things first – balconies are square footage, too! An unused balcony equates to space wasted when it comes to apartment living (unless it???s summer and Sahara temps outside). Here are 11 creative ways you can transform that balcony into your favorite outdoor hangout!

Get vertical

Wall garden – This can come in the form of a vertical herb garden made of landscape fabric, a variety of hanging planters, or a trellis display. There are many, many options when it comes to wall garden aesthetic, but to ensure there???s as little damage done to your external apartment wall as possible, these are the top three we suggest! Pick your style, pick your plants, and there you go.

Lights – You???re probably already picturing the big sphere-shaped strung lights, which we highly recommend to transform any outdoor space, but indoor lighting does wonders, as well! Try suspending indoor lights vertically inside a balcony-facing window to brighten your space without the worry of installation. If big strung lights are your thing, make sure to start your installation process closest to the power source and work your way from there. If you???re using removable outdoor clips, make sure they can bear the weight of your light string.

Outdoor tapestry – Brighten up your balcony space with a little tapestry action. This is something balcony decor enthusiasts overlook, but we think it???s highly underrated. Choose your background, secure the top, bottom, and corner edges, and voila! Consider that balcony refresh done and dusted.

Floor decor

Removable deck tiles – A lot of furniture companies sell interlocking removable deck tiles. They typically come in the form of bamboo tiles and are sold in a variety of colors. These easy-to-install deck tiles are a great way to bring character to outdoor spaces!

Rugs, duh. – There???s quite a market these days when it comes to outdoor rugs. Different styles, shapes, and sizes allow apartment nesters and balcony lovers alike to throw down a rug that adds a pop of color or neutralizes the space and call it a day! Small-rug layering is also very ???in??? right now. (It???s fine, just get the rug.)

Plants, lanterns & low-placed lighting – Plants are obviously going to be a recurring theme when it comes to creating a balcony aesthetic you???re happy with. Combining potted plants with lanterns and low-placed lighting at varying heights is a great option when it comes to creating a space that???s three-dimensional and supremely vibey. We definitely recommend using flameless candles to be on the safe side.

tips for decorating your balcony

??An extension of aesthetic

Creating an outdoor ???room??? – As we mentioned at the beginning, balcony space is usable square footage. Why not turn it into your favorite reading spot, eating area, or home office space (more so when the weather takes a chill pill). Leveraging balcony space as an extension of the rooms it borders is a great way to optimize every inch of your floor plan.

Furniture & bistro nook – The feel or vibe of your balcony is completely up to you, and furniture can help assign space functionality. Maybe you prefer your outdoor area to be loungy so plush rattan chairs are right up your alley. Or, maybe you prefer a hosting area comprised of tables and chairs to get the most out of your space. The only thing that???s limiting is the physical space itself, but furniture decor doesn???t have to conform based on that. You???ve got options!

Horizontal coverings & reed fencing – Pretty much every apartment balcony railing or guard offers a view inside. If you???re looking for a little more privacy, warmer decor features, or more shade from the sun, think about incorporating fabric screens or reed fencing. If you???ve got vertical railing lining your balcony, all you???ll most likely need is your covering of choice and a few zip ties!

DIY it up

Hanging balcony bar table – All you need to complete this space-saving project are a few slats of wood measured and cut to your balcony length, a drill, 2 hooks and L-angle brackets, a nut/bolt set, wood screws and exterior polyurethane. Here???s a link showing a few different hanging bar constructs and tutorial videos to build them!

Pallet furniture – This is an easy way to put together durable, trendy patio furniture without needing very many tools. Plus, you???d be surprised what a can of black spray paint can do to dress up pallet furniture! Here???s a list of 50 pallet furniture ideas and tutorials – from loungers to tables, to shelving, to organizer racks.

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