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What Its Known For

Tons of cool restaurants and bars.
Trails and public parks great for walking, running, and biking.
Super trendy area of town.


Tons of cool Austin eats and trendy brunch spots
Close to Lake Austin
Easy access to the Airport


Traffic in and out of the city can be rough

Ranked by Forbes as one of the top ten most hipster neighborhoods in America, East Austin has got it going on. With coffee shops that abound, food trucks parked on pretty much every corner and a frequency in artistic outlets and shops, the East side is the place to migrate. With easy accessibility to Lady Bird Lake, downtown, the UT campus and stunning hill country, it’s no wonder flocks of new and previous Austin residents are heading eastward.

Many artists and artisans make their home in this area since there are tons of opportunities to showcase their talent, may it be at one of the many galleries, studios or exhibitions surrounding the neighborhood, such as the annual East Austin Studio Tour. You’ll also have convenient access to cool added bonuses like fresh farmer’s markets, running and biking paths, indie boutiques, fantastic dining, and unbeatable exercise class shops.

The East also has some of the best dining in town! The famous Franklin’s Barbecue has been featured on the Travel Channel and the New York Times, as some of Texas’ best barbecue. It’s so good that people wait in line for up 5 hours. Yes, really, 5 hours!  This area is also known for its insane amount of patio bars/restaurants. Some of the best include Contigo, East Side Pies, Takoba, Counter Culture, and Sawyer and Co. We recommend you try as many as you can! Date night, girls night out, or even drinks after work would be ideal at any of these places.

The apartments in East Austin offer some awesome perks themselves. You can get a brand new apartment with upscale amenities and amazing upgrades, or you can slide into a charming, more historic building that’s been recently renovated: East side has got it all. We are here to offer our professional and friendly guidance, so shoot us a text or call at 512-815-2317 for more information and we can hook you up with a stellar apartment! Make sure to browse the other Austin neighborhoods and do our Apartment Search, too, to feel out exactly what you’re looking for.

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Really cool hipster area, unique with tons of bars and restaurants you would never know existed unless you just walked around.

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