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15 Reasons To Live In A Loft In Dallas!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017


Sure, Smart City can find you the nicest, newest apartment with fancy finish outs and amenities out the wazoo. We love finding great Dallas apartments and brand new is a frequent request, but as apartment locators, our job is to find the perfect apartment for YOU! Not everyone fits within the cookie-cutter apartment guidelines they see all of their friends sign leases for.  As gorgeous as these properties are, they can all start to run together into one zen garden, bluetooth speaker, bamboo floor, tile backsplash frenzy when you tour 6 or 7 of them in a row. Suddenly, you’re sitting there in your car trying to piece them all together and you’re trying to remember which pool had water features and which one had the aqua massage therapy room.

Lofts, on the other hand, leave an industrial and genuine imprint that even an apartment just freshly dusted off with construction dust couldn’t possibly leave. Some of our clients who are looking for something unique/different/industrial think they need to chase some super expensive apartment just to be set apart from every other place they’ve seen. We are here to tell you that raising your budget doesn’t always have to be the answer!

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Folks, hear us when we say, lofts are your friend if you are looking to live your life to the tune of your own drum and have a space that has a story to tell and a story that has been told years before you were even born. (Pro tip: check out our blog next week on apartments in Dallas with history!)  This kind of thing isn’t for everyone, and we get that. Some people see lofts as just plain old and run down. So for those of you rolling your eyes, check out our favorite brand new properties and rest easy because Smart City has you covered on all fronts. But you’d be surprised how many people THINK they aren’t loft people until they see one for the first time. Check out our list of why you should move into a loft:

  1. Your life will automatically become more Pinteresty, artsy, intriguing, and just downright cooler. Or at least your Instagram posts will.
  2. You’ll be surprised at how many of your friends in brand new places will be legit jealous of your new (old) digs.
  3. Character brings literal magic to the environment. Not the manufactured character you see at newer properties, these lofts hold the actual character they are trying to replicate.
  4. Original hardwood floors. No faux wood. The real deal. It’s like walking on an artifact. But a really cool one that won’t cost you $1.5 million if you trip on them.
  5. Exposed ducts and pipes are all the rage. Can you say industrial?
  6. You get so much square footage for what you’re paying for. More bang for your buck? Sign us up!
  7. You get to feel connected to Dallas in a unique when the place you call home holds a place on the historically significant timeline of this wonderful city.
  8. Smaller, more boutique properties means more attentive maintenance! Lofts are usually closer-knit communities meaning your management team has all the more time to attend to your needs!
  9. Have you even SEEN a sliding barn door?? They’re amazing and you need one in your life.
  10. Most lofts were once factories, banks, or retail spaces that have been transformed into badass residential spaces. This means the quality and building material is typically sturdier, with things like steel frames instead of wooden frames and concrete walls, which means…
  11. You will most likely NEVER hear your neighbors. This isn’t a guarantee, but seriously, ain’t nothin’ getting through those concrete walls.
  12. Some lofts even have those old fashioned elevators like the ones you see in Titanic with the gates and everything. All of your friends will be like, “WAIT let me put this on my snapchat!” because #vintage
  13. For those of you who like character but also appreciate contemporary conveniences, there are some ultra-modernized lofts we could show you that are still plenty different from just your average Dallas apartment.
  14. A few of the lofts we work with actually run their utility bills on commercial rates which saves you tons of money. We know this is the total opposite of what we told you about saving hoards of money when you live in a brand new apartment, but this only applies to a few of the lofts we work with.
  15. It’s inspiring to live, play, and dream in a place where plenty of others have lived beautiful, meaningful lives and placed a touch of their own journey on the walls you call home. It’s like deep and stuff.

If you are interested in finding a sweet loft in Dallas, a brand new apartment, or anything in between, give us a call or text at 214-586-0519 or fill out one of our apartment search forms for more info and to get connected with one of our apartment locators today!


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