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3 Apartments With Our Favorite Summer Amenities

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Skylar Booth
Jun 21, 2024

As the temperatures rise, Chicagoans literally make it their personality to get the most out of summertime Chi. Instead of always relying on that one friend who has a pool at their apartment to enjoy a nice sunny day, we want to show you a few of our fave apartments that are SLAYING the summer amenity game. These offer everything you need to soak up the sun, host some friends, and enjoy the weather we barely survive all winter waiting for. From rooftop pools to green spaces with a view, these apartments are designed to elevate your summer living experience. 

Chicago apartment pool

Lincoln Park 

This is one of our go-to’s to wow our clients! Not only does their 2-story outdoor amenity space have a pool, grilling space, hammocks, fire pits & tons of amazing skyline views, but the cherry on top out here is for sure the year-round hot tub. This is such a luxury in this city, and getting to relax with those views? Plus, since it is open all year, you can feel like you’re at a little ski cabin getaway and enjoy the hot tub when it’s snowing out! That is so sick. 

Unit Price Range:

Studios: ~$2400

1B/1B: ~$2800

2B/2B: ~$4300

chicago apartment sky deck with lake michigan view

Gold Coast 

This gem is such an underrated building, and we think that is because no one knows about their rooftop sky deck. This, arguably, has some of the best views we have ever seen at any apartment building in the city. Not only do you get a ton of skyline views, but you have unobstructed views of Lake Michigan. They also have a ton of outdoor lounge chairs and dining areas with grills. Just imagine having a lil grill session out there, steak bites, corn on the cob, maybe some mashed potatoes, and enjoy it all over some unbeatable views. If you host this, please consider inviting us. 

Unit Price Range:

Studios: ~$1900

1B/1B: ~$2150

2B/2B: ~$3700

Chicago apartment outdoor terrace

South Loop 

Ok, this spot is perfect if you want to enjoy the benefits of living in a city, but still enjoy the greenery and feel of the suburbs. First, they have a beautiful sky deck overlooking the river fully stocked with a ton of lounge chairs, a few grills, and areas to sit and hang out with friends and family. The real star of the show is their HUGE terrace. It feels like your own private backyard or park with a ton of grass space, a few fire pits & grills, and overall such good vibes. This place is the perfect summer hangout!

Unit Price Range:

Studios: ~$1800

1B/1B: ~$2100

2B/2B: ~$3000

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