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3 Fort Worth Apartments with Cool Amenities

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Miranda Vilchis
Jun 10, 2024

Ever wonder what that amenity fee on your monthly bill is for? It’s your contribution to maintaining and enjoying the community spaces in your apartment complex. These days, a simple lounge or fitness center isn’t enough. Modern amenity spaces are designed to attract future residents, offering the trendiest, tech-savvy, and coolest features. Every year, the bar is raised so that you and your guests feel valued and entertained. Check out these three apartments that are trailblazing in the amenity space game.

1.) River District – Units starting at $1091

River District Lazy River Pool
River District Lazy River Pool. Photo taken from property website


With the Texas summer fast approaching, the heat is on! But why wait to save up for a resort-style vacation or pay $60 entry to a waterpark when you can enjoy one right in your own backyard? For just $1091 a month, you can float for hours around this stunning lazy river. After a few seltzers in the 100-degree heat, you’ll feel like you’re in the Bahamas, without ever leaving Fort Worth, TX.

River District Apartment
River District Apartment. Photo taken from property website


2.) Haslet – Units starting at $1397

Haslet Movie Theater
Haslet Movie Theater. Photo taken from property website


School’s out, which means late-night movies are in! But with movie tickets averaging around $20, plus the non-negotiable snacks and slurpees, it can add up quickly. Thankfully, you have access to this stunning movie theater with a fully stocked snack bar, refrigerator, and popcorn machine, just an elevator ride away. Rent the theater at no charge to host birthdays, movie nights, or even game nights at the clubhouse across the hall. Talk about your life being a movie.

Haslet Apartment
Haslet Apartment


3.) North Fort Worth – Units starting at $1331

North Fort Worth Gym
North Fort Worth Gym. Photo taken from property website


Getting yourself to the gym is already a hassle, especially when it’s 15 minutes away and the Texas sun is heating your car to a crisp. Take it from us, half the battle is just showing up. Fortunately, this apartment complex features a brand new, two-story gym filled with the latest equipment and a great view of the pool. Plus, it has a built-in Echelon Mirror for quality fitness classes, including HIIT, Core, Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, and more—all from the convenience of home.

North Fort Worth Apartment
North Fort Worth Apartment


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