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3 Ways To Improve Your Health Without Leaving Your Apartment

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Mar 27, 2019

Let us ask you this, are you somebody who:

  • Is passionate about health + fitness?
  • Is constantly on-the-go?
  • Values efficiency in your life?
  • Wants to look + feel good without spending hours on workouts & meal prep?

We get it. Everyone strives to look and feel great, but driving to the gym, going to the store, meal prepping and hitting 10,000 steps takes up a ton of time that we don’t have, or would rather be spending on things like relaxing, being with friends/family and binge watching the latest Netflix Original.

Never fear, because we’re sharing three easy strategies to improve your health and fitness that doesn’t require you to go anywhere outside of your apartment complex.

partner work out

Image by Bruce Mars viaUnsplash

1: Home/Gym Workouts

Apartment gyms and home workouts are severely underutilized and underrated. You can get your blood pumping without leaving the property! Sure, there are pros to attending a fun studio class or working out with a group, but if you really want to maximize your time, or just don’t feel like venturing out, you can still get a fire workout at home.

Here’s a sample workout you can do at your apartment gym or in your living room that’s quick, easy and effective:

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 (rep counts go down every round)

This workout is easy to warm up for, requires little to no exercise equipment, and works on both your cardiovascular health AND your strength – a win/win if you ask us!

pre-packaged meals by Territory Foods

Image Source

2: Healthy Food Delivered w/ Territory Foods

Nutrition is key to your health and fitness goals, and luckily more and more companies are making it easy to prioritize what you eat.

Not all of us have time to meal plan and prep, so we’re grateful that food on demand is readily available here in Dallas with GrubHub, UberEats, Favor, and DoorDash. They all offer some healthy meal options that you can order and have delivered right to your door, which is super convenient. But even with healthy options available, 70% of food on demand ordered is burgers and pizza. We know it’s hard to go on the app and choose the best option to support your health and fitness goals when all the treats, cheats and junk food are right there waiting for you!

Luckily, there’s another option that supports many different lifestyles/diets and simplifies the decision making process.Territory Foods offers healthy, chef-made meals that come ready-to-eat and can be delivered right to your apartment! The meals are pre-portioned, created by local chefs with high-quality ingredients, and an awesome option to fuel your active lifestyle in a way that makes things easier for you and cuts down on the time commitment of meal prep.

You can snag $30 off yourfirst order by using code SMARTCITY at checkout.

Alarm clock on side table

Image by Benjamin Voros via Unsplash

3: Don’t waste time snoozing – set your alarm for 15-30 minutes LATER

You want to be a “morning person”–the type of guy or gal who rises with the sun and completes their workout, eats breakfast and has lunch prepped before 9am. Sure, that sounds glamorous and efficient, but if we’re being honest, not everyone is built to be a morning person… and that’s okay!

Trying to get up early after a night of staying up late can be so difficult, but with the best of intentions we set our alarms early anyway. Then morning comes and hitting that snooze button is an all too convenient reflex.

Here’s the thing – you aren’t helping yourself by setting your alarm early and smashing snooze every nine minutes. Do yourself a favor and just set your alarm for later when you actually can and need to be awake. The health benefits include you get some extra quality sleep, which will boost your mood and have a positive effect on your productivity, quality of work, workouts and nutrition choices.


There you have it folks – three totally doable ways you can improve your health and fitness that don’t even require getting in your car!

Want your next apartment to boast a killer on-site gym? Just call/text 214-586-0519 or fill out an apartment search form to have an expert Smart City agent help with your apartment search.

Written by Carina Morgan
MS Nutrition, MS Medical Research, Whole30 Certified Coach, PN1, Territory Foods

Territory Foods is a ready-to-eat prepared meal company that delivers fresh, locally crafted meals to customers’ gyms and homes. On a mission to show you that eating healthy does not have to be boring, time-consuming, or flavorless, we curate our menus using in-house nutritionists and restaurant-quality chefs.


Featured photo by Jarek Ceborski via Unsplash

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