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4 Ways To Make Thanksgiving Easy On You This Year!

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Nov 13, 2017

thanksgiving at dallas steakhouse

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Turkey, stuffing, gravy!


If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your pad this year, then take notes! We all know how much a hassle of prepping for Thanksgiving can be. Between cooking the bird perfectly, having a variety of side dishes, keeping everything warm, and of course entertaining your guests, Thanksgiving can be super overwhelming! There are four easy ways to help you conquer Thanksgiving this year!

1. Prep ahead.

Prep as much food as you can early! Early preparation will make your life so much easier. Trust us! By cutting up veggies and fruits for the snack trays, baking the pies and any other desserts days ahead takes the stress out of Thanksgiving. Now trying not to eat all the delicious, mouthwatering foods before Thanksgiving is a whole other obstacle!

2. Cook turkey in a slow cooker.

A slow cooker will be your life-safer! Besides keeping casseroles warm, cooking the turkey overnight in a slow cooker will ensure a moist bird by dinner. No slow cooker? No problem! A normal conventional oven works just as great! Make sure the oven is on low when baking the turkey overnight. We don’t need any unwanted visits from the fire department! Now if there is unfortunate event you overcook the turkey, DON’T freak out, use chicken broth! Just heat up the chicken broth and pour over the turkey to bring the moisture back in. Also works on craved turkey…especially handy with leftover turkey sandwiches!

3. Pre-made items.

This day in age there are easily accessible pre-made foods! So, why put more pressure on yourself when cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, select desserts, and much more come pre-packaged? I mean it’s like magic! Worried about your guests’ judgements? Take the pre-made food out of its packaging and place in your own containers! Voila! No one will know the difference. Just remember not everything needs to be homemade.

4. Guests bring a dish.

Have each family member and friend bring a side dish or dessert. It is the least they can since you are hosting the whole shindig at your place! Plus, this will help limit the amount of food you have to cook as well as time, money, and cleanup.

Instead of slaving away in that hot, hot kitchen, why not have a chef do it for you? Check out these 8 delicious spots to eat at this Thanksgiving in Dallas! Because we know cooking an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner is not everyone’s cup of tea!

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