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5 Tips To Make Your Apartment More Bearable This Summer

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Jul 23, 2018

Everything’s bigger in Texas–the food, the festivities and the fahrenheit! Some might say that a Texas summer can emulate the fiery depths of hell. From burning your bum on the car seat (leather is NOT your friend) to a lobster red sunburn, summer in Texas doesn’t mess around. It’s been so HOT lately that unless you’re heading to the lake or pool, leaving your apartment isn’t an option. Which is why we put together a few pro tips to help you make your apartment more bearable while you surf this summer heat wave… clothing optional.

1. Avoid cooking with the stove

This seems obvious, but your stove/oven is the biggest culprit for turning your comfortable apartment into a stifling hot, death trap. So, pass on baking the frozen pizza and try a summer salad. Your summer bod might even thank you!

non oven meals

Photo Cred: Erin Kunkel

2. Snow cones, popsicles or both

What better way to keep cool then with an ice-cold treat? Get yourself a shaved ice maker or popsicle mold and go full Willy Wonka meets Mr. Freeze to create your own delicious, chilled-out confectionary–boozy snow cones, anyone?

snow cones

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3. Fans, fans, fans

Ask Beyonce, there are no such thing as too many fans, especially the kind turning a hot, stuffy room into a breezy oasis. Ceiling fans, floor fans, box fans, YOU NAME IT! Pro-tip: Get a bowl of ice and place it in front of your floor fan…ta da you have a makeshift air conditioning unit!

floor fan

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4. Go full on vampire

When temperatures rise, do as the undead and immerse yourself in total darkness. Closing all your blinds to block out the sun keeps the heat from seeping through your windows and your tomb a few degrees cooler. We’re not judging if you tack blankets up over your windows, either!

blinds vamp

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5. Quilts: not just for your grandma

Instead of turning your thermostat down to negative 10 and having an insanely high electric bill, just say no to flannel and swap out your heavy bedding for a light quilt–breathable cotton is your friend. This way you won’t wake up so sweaty that it feels like you wet the bed, and you can keep protecting your feet from monsters.

white quilt

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Let us know the creative ways you’re beating the heat and keeping your apartment cool this summer. Need help finding an apartment?! Call or text us at 214-586-0519 to get in touch with one of our badass locators!

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