6 Tips To Make Your Apartment More Bearable This Summer

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Aug 27, 2019

Summers in Texas are HOT, which is an understatement. So unless you’re heading to Barton Springs or the lake everyday, you might just consider hanging at your apartment the majority of the time. So, here are some tips on how to make your apartment a little more bearable during the summer heat wave!

1. Non-Oven Meals

Try to avoid running anything that puts off heat; such as electronics or cooking on your oven or stove. Check out these 10 easy no-cook summer meals! Or use this time to have all of the P. Terry’s you could ever dream of delivered to your place.

P. Terrys

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Get a shaved ice maker…because snow cones! Snow cones make everything better, and if you can make them at home, you never have to go outside again.

Snow cones

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3. Ceiling Fans = Lifesaver

Crank the ceiling fans! Ceiling fans don’t actually cool your apartment down, but they circulate the air making your space feel cooler–and that’s all that really matters.

ceiling fan

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4. Go Full Vamp

Go full on vampire! To keep the heat out, close all your blinds and/or get some black out curtains to block out the heat from the relentless sun.

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5. Kiddie Pool, Anyone?

Not into public swimming at the property pool? If your unit is equipped with a private yard, get yourself a kiddie pool; and if not, ice bath?

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6. Arctic Tundra Temps

If you’re not one of the people turning their thermostat to -30 degrees in order to simulate sleeping in the Arctic Tundra, try switching out your heavy bedding with some lighter sheets and covers. No one likes a sweaty sleeper, and quilts > comforters.

And if you are one of those people who turns their thermostat down to -30 degrees and don’t mind an insane electric bill; keep doing you.


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These are just a few ways to make to make these hot days a little more bearable. Beat the heat and make your apartment the “cool place” to chill this summer! Need help finding a cool apartment?! Call/text us at 512-815-2317 to get in touch with one of our badass locators!

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