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7 Signs You’re Ready To Live On Your Own

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Smart City
Sep 14, 2018

There comes a time in one’s life when the urge to have your own place fills your every waking thought–like, after your roommate leaves their dishes in the sink AGAIN! The luxuries of going solo are pretty sweet. No more mysteriously vanishing food or the unsolicited “borrowing” of your favorite jacket, and definitely no need to wear pants (praise be).

While living on your own has major perks, it also comes with some serious responsibilities. Wanting your own place and being ready for your own place aren’t exactly the same phase of life. So, before you lock in that lease, consider these seven things a diploma on the readiness to live by yourself.

1. You can afford it.

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This sounds harsh, but evictions aren’t sexy and definitely don’t boost your dating profile. Calculate your expenses. Figure out how much you spend monthly vs. how much you make monthly. This is a good way to gauge how much spending power you have when looking for your own place.

2. You aren’t scared to sacrifice.

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You may have an idea of the ideal unit for you, but you aren’t afraid to sacrifice granite counter tops for an easier commute to work at a reasonable price. For you, it’s all about the bigger picture and getting the best bang for your buck.

3. You have a furniture/home goods plan.

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We all have that friend that moved out and slept on an air mattress for six months, and bringing a date home to a crib with one piece of furniture doesn’t leave the best impression. Collect a few pieces before hand, or set aside furniture money (hellooo, Ikea). You could always say that you were robbed, but now you’re a liar.

4. You understand your commute.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s on foot or by car, understanding how you’ll get from your place to other places and deciding if you’re okay with it is an important thing to consider.

5. You’re good (or at least decent) at saving money.

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Rainy days come, and sometimes it pours. You don’t want to get side swiped by hard times with nothing to help you stay afloat. Putting away some emergency cash comes in handy. Trust us.

6. You can adult.

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You cook. You clean. You can do grown up stuff, like make your own doctor’s appointments.

7. You handle surprises like a boss.

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Living on your own is full of surprises. Being able to handle them in a manner that doesn’t leave you bottles deep in your tub is helpful.


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