7 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Houston

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Smart City
Jun 1, 2017

My goodness, Houston is one of the greatest cities in the country! And growing more impressive every day. Finally getting the recognition it deserves, Houston has begun to appear on Best Cities lists in every conceivable category. We are so excited you’re here and looking for an apartment in the city, but we think there are some things you should know first! Houston is full of surprises, but if you know what to expect, you’ll survive any curveball thrown your way!

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So humidity is a thing.

Currently standing as the third most humid city in the United States, the humidity in Houston is no joke. Although the temperature rarely exceeds 105 even on the hottest days of the year, once you factor in the humidity, you’re looking at heat index temperatures at 130+ degrees. Don’t let these temps scare you off!! The fall, winter, and spring temperatures around here are to die for. While your friends and family up north are out shoveling the driveway or huddled by a fire trying to keep warm, you’ll be outside enjoying beautiful 70 and 80 degree days. What could be better than rubbing that in?!

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It’s growing. Like, really quickly.

Part of what makes Houston so incredible, is it’s literally a melting pot of people from all over the world. According to recent Census data, between July 2015 and July 2016 the Houston area added 56,587 people. That’s roughly 155 people PER DAY. It’s considered one of the fastest growing cities in the country because of the solid job market and affordable housing. This city has brought together a diverse group of people very quickly. You’ll meet people from all over the world and reap the benefits in the form of food–over 90 different cuisines are represented in the city.

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You’ll need a car…..

Traffic can be rough because Houston is a driving city. Because of the urban sprawl, Houston spans more than 600 square miles and the underdeveloped public transportation systems make it difficult to commute if you’re not living close to work. You’re likely to need a vehicle to get around, which has led to super congested highways and some of the crankiest drivers you’ll ever meet. Luckily, Houston is aware of the problem and have designed the highways, feeder streets, and gas stations to be extremely accessible. Plus, the city is really making an effort to improve public transportation.

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You’ll be tripping over restaurants.

The ultimate foodie destination, Houston offers so many options for restaurants, it’s overwhelming. While Tex-Mex is what it’s known for, restaurant cuisines range from Mediterranean to Indian, Greek to Japanese, and everything in between. You also have the option of enjoying a fine-dining experience or heading down the road and hitting up the local food trucks.

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It ain’t nicknamed “Bayou City” for nothin’, honey.

Classified by their slow, lazy, and murky current, there are quite a few bayous moving through the city of Houston. White Oak, Brays, and Buffalo Bayou are the most popular and are part of the Bayou Greenways 2020 initiative spearheaded by the Houston Parks Board. Bayou Greenways 2020 is the plan to develop connected green corridors with hike and bike trails along the bayous of the greater Houston area. While miles of trails already exist within the city, you can look forward to even more green space and nature-filled excursions in the near future!

Image from: Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Only seven wonders of the world? Think again.

8th Wonder is one of the staple breweries in the city, but it’s only one of MANY. Texas loves its local craft beer, the breweries and beer gardens scattered across the city offer you the opportunity to check them all out. Saint Arnold Brewing CompanyKarbach Brewing Co.Lone Pint BreweryAxelrad Beer Gardenthe Hay Merchant, and Wooster’s Garden to name a FEW are all hotspots around the city. If beer isn’t your thing, no worries, you’ll never be at a loss for a cute and cozy coffee shop either!

Image from: Karbach Brewing Co.

Take the opportunity to explore!

Texas is BIG. There’s no denying that. But Houston is centrally located to so many popular destinations that if you happen upon a long weekend with no plans, you can plan a road trip to one of the nearby cities. Austin, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans are all under a 5.5 hour drive from the city; not to mention, the summer tourist destination, Galveston, is only an hour away. If you’re starting to feel like you’re in a rut and need a quick escape, head to one of these cities and explore more of what the South has to offer!

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