8 Awesome Food Trucks In Dallas

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May 26, 2017

Food trucks have been spreading across the country like wildfire. They once were far and few between, but now you can find them in almost every major city. Dallas is no exception — it’s become a culture here! Food trucks are great because they can go to multiple locations; whether you’re heading to a local park or to a brewery, your’re most likely going to find at least one food truck nearby.

Parks and “yards” that have food trucks regularly have become a popular lunch destination. It’s not just a lunch favorite, though. Locals are flocking to food trucks for dinner and even an all-day date! Klyde Warren Park and The Truck Yard are popular food truck destinations here in Dallas. They often have live music events making it easy to spend the whole day eating and hanging out with friends!

Finding a food truck isn’t the struggle, it’s figuring out which ones are the best! Since there are so many to choose from, we decided to share our favorites! So here it is friends, 8 awesome food trucks in Dallas.

Easy Slider

The Easy Slider truck is delicious and serves exactly what the name implies: Sliders! The best part is they use locally and regionally sourced produce and meats. They have been featured for several years by sources such as D Magazine, Zagat Top 10, and the Dallas Observer!

Easy Slider Dallas[ photo credit Easy Slider Facebook ]

Chez Flo

Crepes are life and this food truck hit the taste bud lotto with theirs! The best part is you can have crepes for breakfast, lunch, or even dessert. It really doesn’t matter! From Nutella and banana to bacon and tomato crepes, they have it all.

chez lo dallas

[ photo credit Chez Flo Facebook ]

The Butcher’s Son

If you love Johnsonville brats and sausages, then this is the truck for you. They have a huge menu (not just brats) from tots to quesadillas! It’s a winner for sure.

The Butcher Son

[ photo credit The Butcher’s Son Facebook ]

Nammi Truck

Next time you’re craving Vietnamese food head over to the Nammi food truck. Whether you like it spicy or mild, you’re sure to find a dish you love. We’ve heard their banh mi dishes are straight up delicious.

nammi dallas

[ photo credit Nammi Truck Facebook ]

Ssahm BBQ

Welcome to Texas BBQ with a twist, and by twist we mean it’s BBQ that’s served Mexican style but has a spicy Korean influence! Yes, that’s real. You’ll find this truck at many of the local hot spots including the Truck Yard and the Frisco StrEATS Festival.

ssahm Dallas

[ photo credit Ssahm BBQ Facebook ]

Cajun Tailgators

We may not be in Louisiana but this Cajun food is amazing! It is the first Dallas food truck to specialize in Cajun food and they really hit the sweet spot.  Rumor has it they have an intense fried boudin ball.

Cajun Tailgators Dallas

[ photo credit Cajun Tailgators Facebook ]


If you’re craving a sandwich, this NY-style deli on wheels is for you. These sandwiches are as good as it gets! This truck sticks to it’s Klyde Warren park location, so next time you’re in the area it’s a must try.

Gandolfos Dallas

[ photo credit Gandolfo’s New York Deli Facebook ]

Cool Haus

Here’s another Klyde Warren regular. This dessert-only truck serves an array of ice cream sandwiches and they are totally custom! You get to choose your cookie and choose your ice cream flavor. With flavors like snicker-doodle, red velvet, and fried chicken and waffles (yes, that’s real) you will want to come back time and time again So. Much. Goodness!

coolhaus dallas

[ photo credit Coolhaus Facebook ]

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