A Dallas Apartment For Every Dallas Stereotype

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

Whoever you are, we’ve got the perfect place for you.

1. For the hipster that wishes they lived in Austin: Sylvan Thirty

Bishop Arts/Trinity Groves neighborhood has the perfect spot for you. Revel in all your hipsterness with local restaurants and art galleries within walking or biking distance. Buy your skinny jeans used but when it comes to housing, get it new. This is still Dallas, remember?

2. For a Highland Park High School reunion: Marquis On State Thomas

A little spot in Uptown near State and Allen boasts all the amenities a Dallasite would need, including all the friends you went to high school with. Nodding Donkey is your regular spot and you’re close enough to home to still crash on your parents couch from time to time. 

3. When you own more scrubs than clothes: Colonial Reserve

This medical district beauty is for the hospital workaholic that wants to be able to walk to UT Southwestern. Or maybe you don’t work at the hospital and you just want Dr. McDreamy as a neighbor. Whatever floats your boat fellow dallasite. Or in this case, he could buy you a boat. Right?

4. For the girl with 500 pairs of shoes: Alara

This is for the Uptown girl who wants all of the shopping of West Village literally at her doorstep. Walk to shopping, walk to mambo taxi margaritas at Mi Cocina, then attempt to walk home. Good luck. Oh and the pool in the summer is swarming with swimsuit models. Also a win if you’re a dude without 500 pairs of shoes. 

5. When you’ve graduated from Uptown but you’re still too cool for the burbs: Strata

Knox/Henderson is the grown up version of Uptown, where you can still walk to bars and restaurants without the dress code and the shit shows. This property has a rooftop terrace overlooking downtown where you can party your ass off until 10pm. Hallelujah, no puke in the hallways. 

6. Your whole paycheck goes to pizza and tattoos: Adam Hats Lofts

You clearly need a loft in Deep Ellum, where nightlife equals live music and pizza, ripped jeans and peeps who DGAF. Oh, and don’t be fooled by the parking meters, they charge you after 6pm. Rage.


Call/text us at 214-586-0519 for the details on these properties and you can schedule a tour if you’d like to see them! Either way, we know we can find the perfect spot for you.


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