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A Space To Be Yourself: Smart City’s New Austin Mural

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Smart City
Jun 21, 2019

woman sets up to paint a mural on the side of a warehouse

A space to be yourself.

This month we were finally able to complete a long awaited passion project–our first mural in Austin!

With the help of local artist, Tara Johnston, we brought Austin a super cool mural that conveys and illustrates the purpose of Smart City–connecting people with the space to be themselves! CEO and Founder, Cassie Brown said it best,

“In a world full of high expectations, pressure and deadlines, just know that there is always a space to be yourself.”

Everything we do as a company is an effort to help people find the space to be themselves, whether it’s a dream apartment in the perfect neighborhood or a badass work environment dedicated to personal and professional growth (shout out to the SC Squad). We want each and every person to feel like they have a space to be themselves in Austin!

woman painting "a space to be yourself" mural on side of warehouse

Let’s talk about the talent!

When looking for an artist to help design and paint the mural, we were in search of someone able to create a piece that would not only represent our brand but also pay tribute to our city as well. The mural needed to be welcoming, lively, and colorful just like Austin, and we absolutely had to throw in some cacti for good, Texas measure.

After some social media surfing, we found our way to Tara’s Instagram page; what a blessing! If you haven’t checked out her work, you’re missing out (so definitely hit the link). We creeped on tons of her murals and felt an immediate attraction to her art and the way she uses and colors to create texture and movement. Working with her was such a joy and just look at the mural, it couldn’t have turned out better!

"a space to be yourself" mural with sun and cacti

Ready, set, Instagram!

We’ve gifted you this incredible mural, so now what? All you have to do is visit it! Come by our office in The Yard, hangout with the team and snap some new pictures!

P.S. if you post any shots of the mural on Instagram, be sure to tag us (@smartcityatx) and Tara (@TaraLeighJohnston), so that we’re able to see the unique ways you’re using the space to be yourself!

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