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May 29, 2017

You know what you deserve? That new new. You deserve to be the first person to soak in your tub, to Netflix and Chill in your living room, and to pretend to know your way around your kitchen when your folks come over. #ADULTING. Plus, since new apartments are trying to get as many people into units as quickly as possible, that means awesome specials that you can snag if you jump on them quick enough! Apartments are really trying to up their game every year, too, so you know these places are going to be top of the line, and we both know you deserve the best! We can’t use the fire emoji enough to describe these awesome new Austin apartments!


From one aspiring InstaModel to another, the Platform Apartments are 100% Instagram Worthy. We may not be Victoria’s Secret models, but a good ole’ filter against Platform’s waterfall feature will have people convinced otherwise. They even have refrigerators with French Doors (my HGTV addicts know what’s up), THREE pools (because we know that the Fall is really just Summer, Pt. II), and it’s close to all of the best East Austin restaurants, shopping, and more! Right now, they’re pre-leasing, so hit us up ASAP so you can grab the apartment with the most natural light — perfect for money making selfies. #famous

Studios starting at $1,309, one bedrooms starting at $1,379, and two bedrooms starting at $2,050.


For all my South side homies, this is our favorite new spot. For one, you can exercise that green thumb at the common garden (if you didn’t know, gardening is the new cool); for two, you could possibly snatch up a unit with a private yard (because who wants to bother putting on pants just to let Fido sniff at nothing at 4am); and for three, it’s next to an HEB (if you’ve lived anywhere without an HEB, you’d really know how to appreciate this oasis). Concord South is a gem.

One bedrooms starting at $1,165, two bedrooms starting at $1,540, and three bedrooms starting at $1,900.


If you love the city, but don’t wanna have to deal with all the stress of the city, Pearl Lantana’s location is perfect. You get stunning views of the city skyline, while being surrounded by lush Hill Country greenery, so it’s the best of both worlds! And Pearl Lantana takes its place in nature seriously; they have solar powered amenity spaces! You can save the world and live in luxury, all at once. Talk about multitasking, amiright? Not to mention, their infinity pool would be perf for a nice chill session after a tiring work week.

One bedrooms starting at $1,257, two bedrooms starting at $1,734, and three bedrooms starting at $2,405.


Picture this: you’re floating around in the 8th floor, rooftop infinity pool, looking out onto the downtown skyline and Lady Bird Lake. SO chill. This is how Matthew McConaughey would be chillin’ if he wasn’t too busy living in his beautiful lake mansion (it’s okay being second best if that’s what first is looking like). The Millenium on Rainey doesn’t hold back at all, and its Rainey Street location just adds to the perfection. Walkable is an understatement at this location!

Studios starting at $1,770, one bedrooms starting at $1,929, and two bedrooms starting at $2,895.


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