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Austin Foodstagram’s Top Picks on East Sixth

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Lacy H.
Nov 1, 2019

Did you miss my neighboorhood takeover on @smartcityatx’s Instagram? Not to worry – Here are my top three neighborhood picks for East 6th, along with a few recommendations!

Top Food Pick

Ramen Tatsu-Ya

This Japanese ramen dive is known for its broth, and for good reason! When the temps start to drop in Austin, like they’re trying really hard to do now, I love to hit up Ramen Tatsu-Ya to get my soup and noodle fix. The two guys who started Ramen Tatsu-Ya were actually DJs in a previous life and lived in Japan and LA before establishing ramen roots in Austin. They continue to serve up mixed classics with a creative twist that makes your brain completely bypass the fact that your stomach is screaming that it’s full just so you can get that last slurp of broth and noodle (no regrets).

When you visit, you HAVE to try the Mi-So-Not. The pork bone broth and super fresh toppings will have you picking up your bowl and placing it directly to your lips so you can enjoy every last drop. They also serve a spicy version of this that is, well, very spicy! If you’re vibing with veggies, try the veggie ramen – the soy and mushroom broth is so rich and delicious! And, one thing the East 6th Street location offers that the others don’t is that it’s open until 1 a.m. on Friday’s and Saturdays, perfect for post-late-night weekend festivities!

best ramen in Austin Texas

Top *boozy* Dessert Pick

Prohibition Creamery

You read that right – boozy dessert; ice cream, to be exact! Their tagline is “intoxicating handcrafted delights,” and believe me when I say, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Okay, here’s the scoop on Prohibition Creamery – the founder, Laura, started making ice cream in her kitchen here in Austin. Her love for, and background in, science fueled her fascination for making ice cream and she eventually attended college to actually learn about, what she calls, “the many nuances of ice cream.” No amateur-hour, here; they know what they’re doing! 

They offer upward of 10 flavorful boozy ice cream concoctions and flavors, all worth tasting when you go in. If you’re a lover of Mezcal like I am, you have to try the Prickly Pear Mezcal flavor! The sweet, yet slightly tart flavors are perfectly cut by the smokiness the mezcal brings. If your tastebuds are looking for something a little lighter on the pallet, try the dark chocolate sorbet (yes, dark chocolate can be “light”)!

boozy ice cream dessert in austin texas

Top Lifestyle Pick

Pieceology Vintage Shop

What Austinite doesn’t LOVE a good vintage shop? Exactly. Shuffling from vintage shop to vintage shop scouring for the perfect outfit found at a very brag-able price is Austin’s favorite past time! Pieceology Vintage is especially great because you can find vintage pieces sourced from all over the world. I found an amazing jumpsuit from a New Yorker designer that I loved! It was a little more on the expensive side, but the shop offers a ton of affordable options. The second outfit I tried on was Italian vintage from the 1970s that cost less than $40. 

If you’re looking for a resource to spark unique vintage ensembles for your fall and winter wardrobe, check out the “Cozy Creek” lookbook on their website. The looks range from day-to-day to Sunday brunch in the sun, to fireside cozy, to business casual (Austin-style, of course).

Untitled design 1


This neighborhood crawl for Smart City Locating was a great reminder of why I love Austin so much, and just how many neighborhoods there are and the unique characteristics they each bring. If you’re trying to find your ideal Austin neighboorhood to live in, let Smart City know! And, if you venture over to East 6th and like any of the places mentioned in this blog, let them know: @ramentatsu_ya, @prohibitioncreamery, @pieceologyvtg!


Rachel is the founder of the @AustinFoodstagram Instagram account and shares food, style and travel anecdotes with her followers who are located in Austin, and around the country. She is based out of Austin and loves spending time with her favorite sidekick and pupper, Remi.

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