Austin’s Classic Restaurants

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Oct 24, 2018

To all of our fellow Austinites, new and old. We know how important food is to you! And living in a city such as Austin, there is a plethora of amazing and iconic places to get your grub on. So to make your lives that much easier and saving you the trouble of finding these little gems, we’ve made a short list of just a few classic Austin spots that will be sure to quench your hunger!


First opened as a bar in 1933, this famous restaurant is at the top of our list. Not only because it is a true Austin staple, but because it will soon be shutting its doors on its Riverside location for good sometime this November. With that being said, get there while you still can and enjoy some live music and chicken fried steak! Be sure to check out the Sunday brunch buffet for a true Austin Sunday funday!


Matt’s Famous El Rancho

Located on South Lamar, this Austin classic has stood its ground since 1952! Matt’s Famous El Rancho is totally worth the long waits on the weekend when you want to get your hands on some of Austin’s best queso. Let’s not forget about their margaritas being made with freshly squeezed limes, yum. Brunch, lunch, dinner, you name it and on any day of the week you can love it, except for Tuesdays though because they’re closed.


Hut’s Hamburgers

Originally opened in 1939 as “Sammie’s Drive-In”. Hut’s Hamburgers offers all natural, fresh never frozen Texas raised beef, that is purchased locally! Located on West 6th St, this classic burger joint is perfectly placed for a quick dinner before a night out on the town. So head over there and live in nostalgia, while you sip on a milkshake and grub on some burgers and onion rings!


Fonda San Miguel

Livin’ on North Loop since the 70’s, Fonda San Miguel is a classic Austin traditional Mexican cuisine restaurant! The vibe in here is real!! Opening at 5pm each day, this colorful hacienda-style space makes for the perfect date spot or the first stop for a night out with friends! On Sundays they do open early at 11am for an amazing brunch.


This is only a small amount of classic restaurants that Austin has to offer, but are definitely must-tries! Have a favorite Austin staple that you just can’t live without AND looking for an apartment?! If you need help finding a spot near your favorite places, we got you! Call/text 512-815-3217 to start your search with a Smart City agent!


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