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Best of… Austin Live Music In The Red River Cultural District!

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Smart City
Sep 8, 2017

In Downtown Austin, lies a cultural district known as Red River. Here you can find any type of live music you’re into ranging from electronic to classic rock and roll. We went to a show last night at Mohawk on Red River to get our own live music experience.

Entering in Mohawk, you’ll find 3 bars with an old fashioned style and charm that capture what Austin is. There is an indoor venue and an outdoor venue that both boast amazing shows and artists. Inside, is a more intimate small setting, while the outside venue is larger and built with a patio and a roof deck.

The show first started off with local dance/electronic band, Capyac! Their sound is best described as jazzy, funk, electronic with a touch of hip hop. This band brought energy and good vibes to everyone around. To keep it funky and live up to the motto, “Keep Austin Weird”, they all wore costumes and put on a mini play at the beginning of their set. They always say they won’t stop playing at their shows until everyone is gettin’ groovy on the dance-floor!

Next up wasTennyson, which is a sibling duo from Canada! Every in the crowd was in a trance when they went on. While, drummer Tess was on the drums, her brother Luke was on the synthesizer and vocals. The best way to describe their sound is a mixture of relaxed, melodious electronic and various chord progression sounds.

Austin live music baby

Photo Credit: @CharlezFair

Last but not least, the infamously duo, Classixx went on! Their sound is funky, electronic, and gives us flashbacks to the 80’s. We love the disco and rhythmic beats that they brought to the show last night. The guitar strums gave us all the feels mixed with their funky new wave flow. Everyone was dancing, singing, and soaking in every minute of their performance.

Austin live music

Photo credit: @CharlezFair

Overall, this whole performance put on byRed Bull Sound Select was incredible and well organized. Live music, cool venues, and an awesome city with so many different neighborhoods is why we stay inspired, creative, and motivated. Austin has so much energy, artistic flow, and is a city that has something for everyone.

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