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Best Closets To Come Out Of: Dallas Apartments

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

We are pairing with the #PromoteLoveMovement to bring you the best closets in Dallas, particularly the best ones to come out of!  Because who wants to stay in closets any longer than it takes to pick out an outfit anyways?  Promote Love, and custom shelving.

The Standard: Tidy and Convenient Oak Lawn Closet

With a convenient pass-through laundry feature (that makes doing laundry a much less daunting task), custom shelving and a seasonal rack for all those winter coats you don’t feel like dragging back and forth from mom and dad’s place in the ‘burbs, this closet will fulfill your Dallas wardrobe dreams.

Studios starting at $1,090, one bedrooms starting at $1,218, and two bedrooms starting at $2,147.

Strata: High Quality Knox Henderson Closet with Endless Racks

Think top of the line.  Custom built-in shelves and drawers, HUGE walk-ins, and plenty of racks to fill with your wonderful wardrobe.  This property boasts a closet that houses an impressive wardrobe elegantly.  Get on this, bougie folk.

One bedrooms starting $1,315 and two bedrooms starting at $1,890.

Fiori: Boutique-Style Addison Closet

Display your wardrobe beautifully in this huge closet that has a sliding rack for your laundry hamper as well as ample custom shelving, drawer space and allocated racks. Your clothes need a lot of love, and this closet has all of those feels.

One bedrooms starting at $1,435 and two bedrooms starting at $2,210.

For more info on the Promote Love Movement, check out their website at or follow them on Instagram (@promotelovemovement)! Here at Smart City Locating we are huge supporters of love! So if you love any of these closets, call/text us at 214-586-0519 or fill out an apartment search form and we can find you and your clothes a sweet place to live.


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