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Best Craft Breweries in Dallas

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Sep 7, 2018

Dallas is a rising city that has been building on their area’s strength by increasing sustainability, innovation and collaboration to improve the life of future generations. Their main focuses have been on public transit and walkability, enhancing infrastructure and connecting people through the use of rising technology. An initiative called the Dallas Innovation Alliance plans to incorporate LED lighting, public Wi-Fi, digital kiosks, open-source platforms and smart water and irrigation systems.

However, the quality of life for their citizens and city-goers doesn’t stop at these broad ideas. Alongside their rise in technology and innovation, Dallas’ local beer scene has exploded.

Dallas offers exclusive offerings encompassing an array of flavors that exemplify what the people of Dallas crave. From fresh, fruit-flavored light beers to piney darker-styled ales, not only can any beer lover find an option that resonates with them inside the city, but those who might just be getting into the craft beer scene can discover beers they never knew existed. Local breweries have been experimenting with putting crazy ingredients into their barrels to reinvent what is possible to cultivate in a beer. They’re even borrowing techniques from the creation of scotch to promote innovation and new ideas.

Beer reviewers have been buzzing about all the new hype circling the city and praise the exponential growth that has been occurring. A few years ago, their input may not have been so positive, but the Northern Texas scene has seen a total revamp since then. Since 2011, Dallas has increased their amount of breweries from a scant two to more than 20 within the city limits alone.

Undoubtedly, their beer has seen incredible improvements, and the food offerings at these establishments have been following suit. Increasingly high-quality meals that match the flavor and character of the beer are essential to drawing in even more people and making them stick around longer. Getting some carbs in their bodies before heading home for the night also promotes drinking responsibly by soaking in the food they are digesting while being paired with a great beverage or two.

Top Breweries in Dallas

The most popular breweries in Dallas all feature great unique products that include alcohol, food and fun. To start a thriving establishment in such a competitive market, you must have stellar offerings, great promotion and engaging events. The best beer places in Dallas that make this list exemplify all those traits and are the most revered among locals and tourists alike. Without further ado, we present you with Dallas’ top breweries.

Bishop Cider Co.

02 Bishop Cider

If you’re a fan of alcoholic cider, taking a visit to Bishop Cider Co. might be the right move for you. Founders Joel and Laura Malone felt there was a lack of good cider options in the metropolitan Dallas area, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and design a cider from quality ingredients that pair well, rather than the artificial, syrupy choices already on the market. There is no added sugar in any of their products, and all the sweetness in their drinks comes naturally from juice from the Pacific Northwest.

All their beverages are vegan-friendly and gluten-free, brewed right in Dallas. Their reach spans across all of Texas, and they feature iconic flavors such as traditional apple and apple-pineapple, in addition to more adventurous ones like blood orange. Their unique flavor Crack Berry blends the flavors of cranberries, blackberries and, of course, apples.

Bishop Cider Co. does a lot more at their locations than just sell beer. Their location in the Dallas Bishop Arts District provides a curated selection of ciders to try in their tasting room, and their larger, one-of-a-kind location in the Design District is home to Cidercade, a giant arcade that is free to customers indefinitely after paying a small cover charge.

Braindead Brewing

The people of Texas come early to Braindead Brewing to take advantage of their delicious food. Foodies will be pleased to hear uncommon choices unique to their location, including excellent queso for cheese lovers that’s available in both carnivorous and vegetarian options. Those who want more bang for their buck can try their Coma Burger, a ground brisket and bacon patty piled high with seasoned vegetables, crisp shallots and sweet potato chips. They also feature a few seasonal selections inspired by Rick & Morty, a favorite TV show of the brewers, including the Thick & Morty burger and the Pickle Rick jar.

Their core beers include renowned cream ale, India red ale, pale ale and an oatmeal stout. And, because they recognize not everyone is a fan of beer, they also offer a variety of red and white wine to cater to a wider set of taste buds. Their extensive list includes more than 35 choices.

You should check their calendar before planning a trip to see if your scheduled date corresponds with special events such as exclusive dinners, kitchen specials and tap takeovers.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

The Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s mission is to promote local breweries, rather than large corporate breweries that take the tradition out of the profession many know, love and appreciate. They’ve also helped other rising breweries with the same dream accomplish their goal.

One quick glance at their cans will convince you these beers are different than the ones you usually indulge in. Their vibrant designs complement their dynamic flavors, which include the “Local Legend” sweet milk stout, summer-ready session IPA, sour blonde ale, dark brown coffee-infused ale and many more.

Like many other premier breweries, Deep Ellum offers a plethora of events that include Texas-style barbecues, live music and full-scale festivals that may feel familiar, but provide a very different experience than what you may be used to. Every Saturday, they feature an open house for visitors to tour their location and see how their creations come to be.

Community Beer Company

The Community Beer Company stands on the concept that beer is a tool to bring people together and plays a vital role in culture and the creation of a memorable experience — as long as you don’t enjoy too many of their delicious choices. Located right in the middle of Dallas, they encompass Texan tradition and support Dallas talents such as local musicians, artists and charities.

They craft their top-of-the-line brews with their own yeast, yielding exciting choices that include IPAs, lagers, fruity wheat beers, Belgian-style white ales and more. Their offerings often change, so check their schedule to see which time of the year resonates best with you.

They are always doing something different, including live trivia, open houses, tours and elaborate events that almost always support causes dear to the brewers’ hearts.

Four Corners Brewing Co.

03 Four Corners Brewing

When three friends, Greg Leftwich, George Esquivel and Steve Porcari, were contemplating about how they could use their ambition to bring people together and encourage the innovation of their booming metropolis, they decided to stick with something they all felt passionate about: beer. They took the customs of nearby neighborhoods and infused those preferences into their beverages.

This brewery’s craft beer journey began a little earlier than others on this list, in 2009. They believe they have mastered an advanced brewing process that combines innovative techniques with high-quality ingredients and flavors. Regulars indulge in their year-round offerings that include a honey-rye golden ale, Saison and red ale. But, what keeps them coming back is seasonal beers, which take a twist on more traditional beers and feature drinks like a S’mores stout, double IPA and peach or grapefruit Saison.

If you stop in, be sure to take a look at their taproom and schedule a tour of their facility to see how the process works from beginning to end. They also regularly host trivia nights and Lotería-style bingo.

On Rotation

This small-batch brewery has a heightened sense of exclusivity by never brewing too much of one thing, and always experimenting with what is possible out of a beer. Its location is outside of Dallas in White Rock Lake, which exudes a sense of tranquility that may be just what city-goers need to escape the rat race of their everyday lives.

On Rotation sticks true to their name by rotating through 40 different creations that infuse crazy flavors like jalapeno, herbal, pina colada and apricot, just to name a few. The hubbub always varies as their beers evolve and cycle through, so each time you visit, you can be sure of a new experience to keep things fresh. They also offer alcoholic beverages other than beer, such as cider.

Their taproom features a growler filling station to take your favorites home with you. When you visit, you’ll get to learn about and experience many facets of their creative process.

Revolver Brewing

The Revolver Brewing Company has attracted hype in the area by setting up shop in Granbury, Texas, in 2016 and another inside Arlington, Texas’ entertainment district in 2018. So, while they haven’t been in the game long, that doesn’t mean they aren’t making waves in the region.

Their most prominent beer that keeps people coming back for more is their Blood & Honey American ale, which swirls the flavors of honey and wheat with blood orange peel and Texas honey. They also offer particular takes on beer enthusiast favorites, such as their tangerine IPA and German-style pilsner, as well as rare barrel-aged novelties brewed and malted with bourbon, red wine and tequila barrels.

They host weekly tours and provide a large outdoor area complete with rustic picnic tables and free tastings for early birds. You can also bring home a visitor’s glass for stopping and seeing what they’re all about.

903 Brewers

04 903 Brewers

Jeremy and Natalie Roberts created 903 Brewers in 2011 to provide excellent craft beer to the vast community of Sherman, Texas, just outside of Dallas. Jeremy remains the head brewer of the establishment and involves the community in decisions of what beers to offer out of the 100 different concoctions they’ve brewed in the past. Through years of refining their beers and deciding which ones resonate most with their customers, a continuously edited list of offerings lets you be sure you’ll find something you love when visiting their brewery.

Their Sasquatch Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout has won a silver medal award from the Great American Beer Festival within the aged beer category, and they also offer classics such as The Chosen One Coconut Ale and Roo’s Red Ale that have been available since they opened their doors to the public in 2013. Other unique flavor profiles of their beers include milk-and-honey-flavored wheat beer, pecan porter and an Irish car bomb stout. They also have classics such as a light lager, IPA, Scottish ale, sour beer, blonde ale and more.

They host many different events at their location in Sherman, including movie nights, trivia and free tours on Saturdays.

Armadillo Ale Works

The story of Armadillo Ale Works began in 2010 when they started trying different soda and beer recipes and poking around the community to gauge public interest in another craft brewery. After winning the 2010 New Venture Creation Contest from the University of North Texas College of Business’ Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship, they raised more than $34,000 via Kickstarter. With the help of Deep Ellum Brewing Company, they began selling their beer to the public within two years. By 2016, they had their own location and were open for business.

Their brewers draw inspiration from Prohibition, as well as the culture and history of Denton, located just outside of Dallas. Their menu features flavors such an award-winning Texas-style champagne ale, Mesquite bean blonde ale and a seasonal Quakertown Stout that is a dark roast with profiles of maple syrup.

They offer more value to their customers by hosting bands to play at their brewery and serving delicious food.

Check out Dallas and Fall in Love

05 Check out Dallas

It’s almost hard to believe so many microbreweries in Dallas and its surrounding areas have only started popping up in the last decade. With so much variety, deciding what are the best breweries in Dallas boils down to personal choice. Planning to check out many of them during your time here is essential to decide what jives best with your tastes and preference of atmosphere. If you are an avid beer fan, taking a trip to Texas and checking out Dallas can assure you an experience like no other. Millennials flock to Dallas because of its nightlife and beer scene, and are the fastest-growing demographic in the city.

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