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Seven protocols Dallas restaurants are enacting as they reopen

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Eliza Parker
Jun 4, 2020

Hi, friends – Dallasites101 here! With Dallas restaurants reopening for business, it can feel a little overwhelming at times. So, we wrote this blog to educate consumers on the safety protocols being put into place as the city resumes business. We are so proud of Dallas restaurants leading the temporary “new normal” by example! Here are seven ways that local restaurants are reopening safely. 

Temperature Checks 

One of the best and most simple practices for an establishment is a mandatory temperature check for employees and guests. You may have already spotted these infrared thermometer checks being performed and it’s an extra step in improving public health as our economy reopens for business. In downtown Dallas, The Statler and it’s concepts like Scout, Overeasy and Waterproof have carried out and recorded temperature checks upon reopening. Pluckers Wing Bar is taking part in temperature checks and Sixty Vines has a rigorous wellness screening for its employees.

Temperature Cameras

Have you ever heard of temperature cameras? This handy, effective tool records wherever they are set up and can detect body temperatures using advanced thermography. Tei An has officially implemented 2 of these temperature detection cameras from a leading technology company to monitor any high temperatures that may be among its guests and employees. Anyone with a temperature equal to or greater than 100 degrees will not be allowed to enter Tei An, so you can feel comfortable and safe if you choose to dine in! 

Mandatory Guest Sanitizing 

When it comes to keeping a business truly clean there are two pieces to the puzzle: the establishment and its patrons. Deep cleaning and sanitizing an establishment is one thing, but we appreciate the businesses who are taking their sanitary protocols to the next level with mandatory sanitization of guests. Take HG Supply Co., for example – they have a hand sanitizer station set up at every entrance with signage explaining their required sanitization upon entering! Cane Rosso and the Dallas Farmers Market also have sanitizing stations for guests.

Leveraging “Parklets”

What is a parklet?! If you haven’t seen our parklet post on @dallasites101, a parklet is essentially a former parking space outside of a business that has been creatively shifted into a bonus area for outdoor seating! For restaurants, this can also mean additional patio space for dining. Parklets can range from a variety of tables and chairs to a fully built-out structure. What a concept! Revelers Hall in Bishop Arts has taken parklets to full flight with the added perk of enjoying outdoor live music- Sign us up! The City of Dallas’ enacted a temporary parklet program allows restaurants to keep a parklet for up to 60 days.

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6-foot Social Distancing 

Establishments have proven to put safety first start by enforcing 6-foot social distance protocol, as recommended by the CDC. Physical separation is the first step to avoiding the mixing of parties or groups and hopefully flatten the curve in doing so. Sixty Vines in uptown and Plano have not only removed extra tables and placed the existing tables 6 feet apart, but they have also added 6-foot floor markers so that it’s easy for those dining to respect the space of others! Jaxon Beer Garden, Uchi Dallas, and Beto & Son are some other locations keeping tables 6 feet apart.

Limited Mingling

For restaurants and gathering places we feel that, while proven effective, one of the most difficult concepts to implement is a no mingling order for guests. The Rustic has been prohibiting the mingling of groups and has helped its patrons to follow these guidelines by creating more backyard patio space! Cane Rosso is also taking a step in this direction by not allowing large groups that exceed their limit. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the “new normal” and not fall into old habits as we are going back out again, so we love seeing the protocols that restaurants in Dallas are putting into place to keep their customers safe as they reopen.

Virtual Menus & House rules

One of the easiest ways to ensure that germs can’t be passed from table to table by hard copy menus is the implementation of virtual menus. This idea is so easy and beneficial to both the restaurant and customers! Happiest Hour has executed their virtual menus and even taken it up a notch by a mandatory explanation of “house rules” which a host will go over with you. Both of these practices ensure that guests have a full understanding of the measures in place and how important they are. You can also find virtual menus at restaurants like HG Supply Co, Hero by HG, and José. 

All in all, if you have hesitations about getting back into the routine of dining out, you can always call the restaurants to ask about their protocol. Businesses are happy to share the ways they’re keeping social distancing and customer wellbeing at the forefront of their minds and business efforts!

Written by Lily & Kara of Dallasites101

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