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Dads Do Dallas–How To Celebrate Pops This Father’s Day Weekend

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Smart City
Jun 13, 2018

Hawaiian shirts, lawn mowers, short shorts, barbecues, notorious jokes and everything else father related! It’s finally time to celebrate dear ol’ dad! Not that you need much reminding between the billion, trillion Amazon advertisements and promo emails, but Father’s Day is right around the corner. In case you’ve been procrastinating how to pay pops back for all his hard work raisin’ a hellion like you, we crafted a short list of some the best way to celebrate dad this Father’s Day.

1) DadFest 2018

shannon brewing co

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What better way to celebrate the big guy than with a cold beer in your hand? Eight beers, maybe?! Every ticket holder who attends Shannon Brewing Company’s third annual DadFest gets 8 six-ounce pours of beer including some rare, special kinds! Not only that, but Hicks BBQJust Encased and DK’s Twisted Smokers BBQ and Grille will be catering the event to ensure no one goes hungry…

“I’m hungry.”

“Hi hungry, I’m dad!”

Embrace the belly and put on that ugly tie (there will be an Ugly Tie and Dad Bod contest), grab pops and join in on the celebration at DadFest this year!

2) Father’s Day Beef Jerky & Craft Beer Pairing

craft and growler brewery

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What do you call a cow with a twitch? …Beef Jerky!!

Craft and Growler will be holding a beef jerky and craft beer pairing celebration in honor of dads everywhere (errr, uh Dallas). Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t basic jerky–oh no! This is BROCKHOUSE JERKY! Meaning it is slow-smoked in a BBQ pit with real hickory wood *wipes drool off keyboard*. There will be four pairings including Brock House: Sweet & Spicy with Blue Owl: Van Dayum!

3) Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

flemings 35 oz steak

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How big is your love for dad? Is it 35 oz. big? This Father’s Day Weekend, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar are serving up a three-course prix fixe meal featuring none other than their 35 oz. Prime Tomahawk Steak. Talk about yum! Fleming’s will be opening early for brunch on June 17th in case your dad is an early riser. We highly suggest their Signature Eggs Benedict!

4) Home!

pure farmers market lounge area

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Not trying to fight the crowds this Father’s Day? No worries, that’s what grills are for! Stop by the grocery store, grab a few six packs and some patties, and invite your old man over for a timeless Texan cookout. It helps to have a kick-ass outdoor lounge area for the ultimate laxin’ experience! Places such as Pure Farmers Market (pictured above), The AscentEllison, and so many others have amazing outdoor spaces–and really cool apartments!  Looking to move soon? Call or text us at 214-586-0519 or fill out the apartment form, so we can get your search started just in time to recruit dad for his truck!

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