Dallas: Where To Go Out This Weekend!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

The summer has been crazy. Taylor Swift broke up with Calvin Harris (who is trouble now, Tay?), your roomie spent all of her money on the Kylie Lip Kit (she may be rocking nude lips, but you’re being a Responsible Adult™), and Lil B lifted his curse off Kevin Durant (thank you Based God). We don’t know about you, but Smart City has to take a seat with all this drama – and what better place to take a seat than at a hoppin’ new bar with your favorite people and good liquor? Yes, we’re talking about a good ole’ fashioned G.N.O.

Here are our favorite new spots for a night out in Dallas!


Black Ship

Sushi is like the longest craze to hit America. We live in Texas, and there are probably an equal amount of BBQ restaurants to sushi restaurants. Now that’s serious. Thankfully, we are here to help you weed out the best sushi restaurants in all of DFW. Black Ship is a great new concept that not only has Japanese dishes, but also features dishes inspired by other Asian countries! The best part is that the cocktails are BOMB and they’ve got the most interesting selection of beer, sake and wines!


Street’s Fine Chicken

Fried chicken gets fancy. It was about time! Now you don’t have to pretend you’re not a huge slob when your friends are looking for dinner options and you really just wanna get your hands on some baked biscuits and crispy chicken thighs. No shame. Then wash all that greasy shame away with a nice cocktail (our eye is on Dolly’s Pardon – YUM). What your trainer doesn’t know won’t hurt them.


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