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Top April 2020 apartment deals in DFW

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Lacy H.
May 11, 2020

Okay, so April felt non-existent – are we right? Even though last month seemed to move by at the speed of light, we helped almost one thousand clients in DFW find an apartment (which is more than 120 more than we did in April 2019)! This tells us two big things – the first is that even with the impact of social distancing, it still remains the busiest time of year for renters. The second is that with in-person touring off the table, our business was able to pivot in a way that still helped clients feel acquainted with their new spaces in order to make a decision about moving that was comfortable to them. With everything as unpredictable as it is, being able to bring a sense of normalcy to almost a thousand of our clients is a “win” in our book!

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In April we also brought our social media followers more than 35 posts showcasing amazing pricing throughout the Metroplex, including a formal company expansion and sharing of local apartment deals in Fort Worth which you can view here. Pricing in Dallas, Texas is affected by a number of things, especially location, so we wanted to list out what we posted to our social media accounts as a way for renters to gauge the market and set expectations accordingly. Whether you use one of our free agents to search for your next apartment or not, it’s crucial to know where the local apartment market rests so you know you’re getting the best deal possible. Renters like to do their own research, and we’re here for it!

To make the market a little easier to understand what great pricing looks like right now in Dallas, here’s a lineup of all the April deals we featured.

A deal’s a deal, but we have our favorites…

April 7 – $500 per roomie in Northeast Dallas, Two-bedroom unit – $1,000

We never see pricing this low! The property is just a short drive from Downtown and units were bright and spacious. Finishes in the unit were slightly dated in a sense of black appliances, countertops, and cabinetry, but if price-for-location is more important to you as a renter than price-for-finishes, this deal was calling your name! You can’t beat a two-bedroom unit in Midtown for less than $1.2k.

View this unit here.

April 8 – Exclusive pricing for Smart City clients in Legacy West, Studio unit, $915

Something extremely unique about being a Smart City client is exclusive access to special pricing we negotiate and establish with local properties, aka a ‘negotiated deal.’ This is one of those instances – the market price was $1,229 and only Smart City clients could get that unit for $915 per month, saving them almost $4k throughout their lease term! Not to mention the property is in the heart of West Plano’s premier entertainment district and walking distance to more than 40 restaurants – definitely a steal.

View unit here.

April 28 – Good things come in 3s in North Fort Worth, Three-bedroom unit – $1,610

Plus, a garage! This unit featured a lot of great space and lighter accents to make it bright. Splitting this unit with two roomies would mean $537/month per roomie, which is insanely low! If North Fort Worth/ Fossil Creek is a spot you’re interested in moving to, this deal was screaming your name.

View this unit here.

Something to keep in mind when viewing our favorite units we posted in April is that they fly off the market relatively fast! So, if you’re not following us already and know you’re going to be moving sometime this year, go ahead and hit that “follow” button so you can message us as soon as you see something to your liking.

best apartment deals in DFW

As for all the others, here is the complete list of notable pricing we posted in April for your viewing (and possibly leasing) pleasure:


Downtown Dallas/ Victory Park/ Deep Ellum/ Old East Dallas

$1,191 – studio – 558 sqft.

$1,083 after 6 weeks free – studio – 475 sqft.

Bishop Arts District/ Trinity Groves/ Design District

$999 after 1 month free – studio – 507 sqft.

$1,076 – studio – 540 sqft.

Medical District/ West Village

$999 after a reduced rate – studio – 510 sqft.

Knox/Henderson/Lower Greenville

Sorry – no Knox/Henderson/Lower Greenville posts in April! Check out what pricing looked like in Marchhere.

Addison/ Farmers Branch/ Frisco

$941 after 8 weeks free – studio – 620 sqft.

$995 after 8 weeks free – 1 bed/1 bath – 680 sqft.

$1,353 after $500 off – 2 beds/2 baths – 1,050 sqft.

$895 after a reduced rate – 1 bed/1 bath – 575 sqft.

$1,095 after a reduced rate – 1 bed/1 bath – 848 sqft.

North Dallas/ Richardson/ Plano/ Allen/ McKinney

$932 – studio – 601 sqft.

$915 after a Smart City negotiated deal – studio – 497 sqft.

$800 after a reduced rate – studio – 507 sqft.

$830 after a reduced rate – 1 bed/1 bath – 604 sqft.

$1,269 after a reduced rate – 2 beds/2 baths – 1051 sqft.

$948 after 1 month free and $500 look-and-lease – 1 bed/1 bath – 660 sqft.

best apartment deals in DFW

Fort Worth

Southside/ TCU/ Westcliff

$1,425 + 6 weeks free – 2 beds/2 baths – 1068 sqft

$1,055 – 1 bed/1 bath – 702 sqft.

$999 – 1 bed/1 bath – 493 sqft.

$1,200 after 1 month free – 2 bed/2 bath – 948 sqft.

Downtown Fort Worth/ West 7th/ The River District

$963 after 4 weeks free – studio – 501 sqft.

$902 after 8 weeks free – studio – 491 sqft.

$1,088 after 8 weeks free – 1 bed/1 bath – 705 sqft.

$1,050 – 1 bed/1 bath – 709 sqft.

$1,487 after 4 weeks free – 1 bed/1 bath – 702 sqft.

$2,088 after 6 weeks free – 2 beds/2 baths – 1088 sqft.

North Fort Worth/ Fossil Creek

$996 after 2 months free – 1 bed/1 bath – 752 sqft.

$861 after 4 weeks free – studio – 591 sqft.

$1,274 after 6 weeks free – 2 beds/2 baths – 1172 sqft.

$1,610 – 3 beds/2 baths – 1344 sqft.

$1,010 – 1 bed/ 1 bath – 674 sqft.

These deals were snagged pretty quickly, but photos and video tours can be found on our Dallas (@smartcityapts) and Fort Worth (@smartcityfortworth) social media pages! Our agents are also hella-versed in virtual touring and everything clients need to make an informed decision on their next move if they’re not ready to get out and tour just yet as things open back up. No matter your preference, we’re here to help! Text us: Dallas- (214) 586-0519, Fort Worth- (817) 349-6948.

*Disclaimer: apartment pricing changes daily.


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