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Top Dallas apartment deals in March 2020

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Lacy H.
Apr 2, 2020

Since sports are canceled for the time being, we thought we’d put together a winning lineup the whole city can get behind. If you follow (or scroll-stalk; tomato, tomahto) us on social media, you’ve probably noticed three main themes in our captions for each property – deals (duh), market chit-chat (aka context and price comparison) and freebies (2 weeks, a month, 2 months – the more, the better).

Only the creme of the crop of apartment deals in Dallas makes it to our social media pages, so we thought we’d take the winning lineup from March and lay it all out in one place. That way, you can quickly see and compare what makes it a deal (is it because of price/location, location/finishes, or price/finishes); identify consistency in market pricing (based on supply, demand, and location); and, know what comes free in order to get pricing where it’s at (also known as ‘negotiated deals,’ specials or concessions).

Smart City Negotiated Deals

The units we post to social media typically get leased by clients within a matter of hours in Dallas and Fort Worth, so this list will help provide a birds-eye view of the market and how it shifts and changes with time. We want renters in the D-FW metroplex to gain full exposure to the ebbs and flows of the local apartment market and feel acquainted with the ranges of rent associated with that. If you’re moving in or to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and see something that’s right up your alley, fill out our 30-second webform to get linked to a free (there’s that word again) Smart City agent and get your search rollin’!

Our top-top DFW property posts for March 2020

March 10 – Deal in Knox/Henderson, Studio unit – $1,107

Price-for-location was a perfect match in this case. Knox/Henderson is an extremely desirable area for apartment renters and with that comes a little bit of influx in pricing. There’s that silly game of supply and demand again. So, in this case, after 6 weeks free, $1,107 made this unit a true steal! 

March 13 – Dollars saved in Downtown, Three-bedroom unit – $1,912

First of all, if three roomies rented this bad boy, they’d spend less than $650 per person to live in Downtown Dallas. That’s insane! Plus, it was a split-level unit so bedrooms and common areas were nicely spaced out and layered by floor, giving it all the homey vibes. The neighborhood offered up ample dining and social outing options, and amazing outdoor spaces like Klyde Warren Park and Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge venturing into Trinity Groves, and the Trinity Skyline walking and biking trail. Price-for-location deals are always highly desirable among our clients, so we like to serve up the really good ones on social media as often as we can!

March 18 – North Dallas for under $900, Studio unit – $843

This was a great example of a price-for-finishes deal, making this property a fan (client) favorite! The finishes are sharp and clean, creating a very modern look. But, the PRICE – $843; we can always appreciate when a studio or one-bedroom unit goes below $900-$1,000, which is rare in the Dallas-Fort Worth apartment market these days. If getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to apartment finishes is important to you, venturing a little outside initial neighboring downtown areas is going to be essential more often than not.

As for all the others, here is the complete list of March rental ratesfor your viewing (and possibly leasing) pleasure:

apartment in deep ellum dallas

Downtown/ Deep Ellum

$1,912 after $500 off – 3 bed/ 3 bath – 1456 sqft.

$2,395 after a reduced rate – 2 bed/ 2 bath – 1472 sqft.

Design District/ Trinity Groves

$1,263 – 2 bed/1 bath – 800 sqft.

$1,408 after reducing the rate by $500/month – 2 bed/ 2 bath – 1199 sqft.

Medical District/ West Village

$980 – studio – 561 sqft.

$990 – studio – 579 sqft.

$1,085 – studio – 555 sqft.

knox henderson apartments


$1,107 after 6 weeks free – studio – 526 sqft.

$999 after 2 months free – studio – 526 sqft.

$1,150 after 2 months free – 1 bed/ 1 bath – 796 sqft.

$1,425 after 2 months free – 2 bed/ 1 bath – 1068 sqft.

$1,604 after 2 months free – 2 bed/ 2 bath – 1039 sqft.

Addison/ Frisco

$1,055 after a reduced rate – studio – 508 sqft.

$949 after reducing the rate by $150/month – studio – 572 sqft.

$1,149 after reducing the rate by $150/month – 1 bed/ 1 bath – 743 sqft.

$1,499 after reducing the rate by $280/month – 2 bed/ 2 bath – 1088 sqft.

North Dallas/ Richardson/ Plano/ McKinney

$915 after 1 month free – 1 bed/ 1 bath – 739 sqft.

$994 after $500 off – 1 bed/ 1 bath – 710 sqft.

$843 after 2 weeks free – studio – 590 sqft.

$913 after $700 off – 1 bed/ 1 bath – 710 sqft.

$1,337 after $700 off – 2 bed/ 2 bath – 1058 sqft.

$1,778 after $700 off – 3 bed/ 3 bath – 1558 sqft.

$909 after 2 months free – studio – 520 sqft.

$950 after 2 months free – 1 bed/ 1 bath – 580 sqft.

$724 after a Smart City negotiated deal for clients – studio – 507 sqft.

Fort Worth

$1,331 – 2 bed/ 2 bath – 1103 sqft.

$963 after 4 weeks free – studio – 501 sqft.

$1,375 after 4 weeks free – 2 bed/ 2 bath – 1176 sqft.

Photo and tours of these bad boys can be found on our Dallas-Fort Worth Instagram and Facebook pages! Our agents are also hella-versed in virtual touring and everything clients need to make an informed decision on their next move, even during times of social distancing and shelter in place orders. If that’s what you need right now, we’re here to help! Text us: (214) 586-0519.

city of dallas

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