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Do You Even Juice, Bro? Best Juice Bars In Dallas

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Smart City
Dec 31, 2017

A champagne toast at midnight does more than signify the end of the dumpster fire that was 2017, but also honors commitments made by people all over the world (or rather, in select time zones) to new goals and resolutions for the new year. Of course, it’s no shock that most resolutions are centered around fitness, health and overall wellness because let’s face it, health is trendy.

Now more than ever people seek out information (via books and documentaries) about the impact that habits of a modern lifestyle are having on our physical and mental health, vegan restaurants and boutique fitness studios aren’t hard to come by, and at least one of your friends is gearing up for their next Whole 30, Keto diet, or detox right now!

And with the increase of health conscious consumers, juice and smoothie bars have become a staple of most big city neighborhoods. Whether you grab a smoothie bowl or go all-out on a 3-day juice cleanse, these health bars have your back by offering a variety of smoothies, wellness shots, pressed juices, bowls and cleanses. Just in time to support your newest wellness resolution, here are some of our favorite juice bars around Dallas to visit for a fresh cup o’ health!

the juice bar dallas

The Juice Bar

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Tom Hennings opened the Juice Bar in Inwood Village nextdoor to his exercise studio, The Bar Method, with the intention of creating a place people could find food, juices and smoothies that not only taste wonderful but are also very good for you. Created with the help of chef Heidi Lane, the menu is filled with replenishing juices, cleanses, smoothies and snacks perfect for after a workout or everyday eats. Juice Bar currently has three locations including one at NorthPark Center. If you visit, follow our lead and take a Tumeric Tonic shot while you wait for your smoothie.

brewed and pressed dallas


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Located in West Village, this one is both a juice bar and coffee cafe with a major focus on “the art of nourishment”. Brewed+Pressed boasts 100% organic, raw cold-pressed juices, tonics, shakes and milks, as well as a full coffee and tea menu and a variety of plant based provisions. We recommend the sweet potato kale bowl or the Blue Shake if you’re in search of a treat!

the gem dallas

The Gem

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Happy, organic juice shop, The Gem is located at the Plaza at Preston Center using fresh ingredients and nutritional know-how to create cleanses, juices, smoothies, and healthy foods to nourish your body and mind. Stop in during lunch for soup and salad or other vegan snacks. You can also get juice made to order or a bottled pressed juice to save for later, a GEM Cleanse to jump start your health/weight loss journey, a matcha latte (it’s an acquired taste, but so worth it), or one of the 12 delicious smoothies–we recommend the White Diamond.

nekter dallasNekter Juice Bar

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Nekter offers great, handcrafted juices and smoothies but if we’re being honest, we could (and in some moments have) survive off of their 5 acai bowls packed with superfoods, texture and flavor. of course the menu also dons cleanses, cold-pressed juices to go, and a variety of healthy snacks and treats, but the bowls are what landed Nekter on our list of must-visit juice bars. Although there are multiple locations, we find ourselves frequenting the storefront in Snider Plaza most often as it is closer to our office, or placing Monday morning orders on UberEATS because #priorities.


So let us know if you check out any of these cool, Dallas juice bars or if there’s one that you think we missed and have gotta try!

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