Fastest Growing Companies and Industries in Austin

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Nov 8, 2018


Austin is the place to be. South By Southwest, Austin City Limits Music Festival and dozens of other amazing concerts keep the city rocking. It’s the birthplace of Whole Foods and home to our country’s only Formula 1 race, the United States Grand Prix. It’s a haven for foodies and college football, a sanctuary for artists and outdoorsmen and an all-around awesome city to spend countless hours enjoying and exploring.

To put it simply — the capital of the great state of Texas is exactly where you want to be.

Austinites love ATX and you will too. If you’re considering moving to the Austin area — and seriously, why wouldn’t you? — chances are that you’re looking to begin a career in an industry that is growing quickly. Luckily for you, Austin also happens to be a hotbed for a range of industries. Smart City Apartment Locating is here to give you just a glimpse at some of the hundreds of career possibilities around the city. Check out these fast-growing companies and industries in the Austin area.

Tech and Data

Forget Silicon Valley — welcome to Silicon Hills. We’ve got two humongous Apple campuses that employ more than 6,000 people. Dell, IBM, Accenture, Activision, Blizzard — do those names ring any bells? We’ve got tons of computer, technology and web-based companies that need creative and talented employees to help them get to the next level. With a computer in our pocket and social media always on our minds, these companies are working hard to rapidly advance the tech of tomorrow.

Smart City is here to help you give yourself a status update by finding a baller apartment and landing a career with one of Austin’s fastest growing companies. Just don’t forget to tag us when you brag to all of your followers about your sweet new life in Austin.

1. MKS2

MKS2 is one of the country’s fastest-growing companies, providing service, strategy and solutions to commercial and government clients. These guys are serious about being one step ahead of the cybersecurity and IT landscape. MKS2 is looking for hardcore tech professionals who will be solving the IT problems in the federal sector. This is literally a matter of national security, and you may be exactly who they need to ensure mission success.

2. Intersys

Data, sourcing, agile, digital, cloud, searching, analytics — if it falls within the intersection of data and digital transformation, Intersys has you covered. This team is serious about providing their clients with innovative strategies and solutions that achieve lasting business value. Intersys is also serious about their company culture which has earned them a Best Places to Work award. Employees get to enjoy a range of full benefits with some unique perks like Taco Tuesdays, free food, competitive paid-time-off and even a company condo and Tesla.

3. Sequel Data Systems Inc.

It’s insane to think that so many companies rely on technology to run their businesses and that those technologies are constantly under threat. Thankfully, the consultants and engineers at Sequel Data Systems are ready to help an enterprise with everything from servers and networking to storage and disaster recovery. To continue serving domestic and international clients in both the private and public sectors, they’ll need more sales reps, engineers and other technical talents to help them grow into the stratosphere.

If you’re a team player looking to dive into the data pool and get hands-on with projects that run the spectrum of global industries, Sequel Data Systems is waiting for your call.


2 insurance

Let’s talk about insurance. No, we’re not trying to convince you that a couple of minutes will lower your current home or auto rates. We’re here to talk about the ultimate bundle — competitive salary, benefits package and opportunity to grow. Yes, you may have the best protection for your car but what about career insurance? Moving to a new city can be overwhelming and some may find comfort in securing a career with a corporation they’re already familiar with. Thankfully, Austin is home to plenty of renowned brands.

Among the tech giants and manufacturing megastars are a few of the largest insurance companies in the country. Some of the biggest names in the insurance industry are also major employers in the Austin area, providing thousands of people with amazing careers. If you’ve never considered a job in the insurance sector, you could be missing out. Insurance companies need more than just agents — they seek out diverse and dynamic individuals from many professional backgrounds including marketing, operations, technology and more.

1. Progressive Insurance Co.

You can’t be blamed for wanting a little security with your career in the insurance industry. For those who desire an employer with a track record of success, look to Progressive. This Fortune 200 company is the number one insurance site and is a perfect place for you to continue the next stage of your career. Employing over 1,000 people in the Austin area, Progressive offers a competitive benefits package that includes perks that promote your physical and financial well-being.

At Progressive, they’ll help you grow in your career via resources like career development, mentorship and leadership opportunities. Best of all, you’ll get to know your new city through charitable programs that give back to Austin’s communities. Check out the opportunities available at their ATX call center and get matched with a career today.

2. State Farm Insurance Co.

“Here to help life go right.” With a slogan like that, you can trust that the number one insurer of homes and cars in the country will take care of their employees. For nearly a century, State Farm has helped men and women create lifelong careers. With a competitive salary, fully-funded retirement pension plan and the potential for annual bonuses, their benefits package will certainly help your life go right. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is ready to welcome you and your career to Austin.

3. Farmers Insurance Group

Although they employ less than 1,000 people in their Austin regional headquarters, Farmers is one of the major employers in our city. A certified Great Place To Work, Farmers Insurance has a long history of helping both their clients and employees plan for the unexpected. Their employees receive plenty of paid time off, tuition assistance, a competitive 401(k) and a comprehensive health benefits package.

Austin is fortunate to have a Farmers Insurance regional headquarters in our own backyard. If becoming an agent or claims adjuster doesn’t interest you, there are plenty of other awesome career paths. Fancy yourself a creative? Check out their Marketing & Communications sector. Want to put your degree in management to good use? There’s a spot for you in Operations. From Finance to Technology and everything in between, Farmers has a place for your talent to thrive.


3 healthcare

There are many industries in Austin that are healthy and happy places to begin or continue your career, and this is especially true in healthcare. Healthcare services in Austin are one of the fastest growing job sectors in the city, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to find a position with an awesome company. We don’t want you to get sick of job searching, so the Smart City team has found three large employers where you can start your search.

And don’t worry, we’re able to write you a prescription for a great apartment as well. Take two minutes to browse our listings and call us in the morning.

1. Seton Healthcare

The Seton Family of Hospitals has received so many awards and recognitions that we don’t know where to start. They’re pegged as one of Austin’s healthiest employers, praised for their excellence in leadership and noted for their supreme level of IT integration throughout their health systems. They specialize in Humancare — the belief that patients and employees alike deserve dignity and respect. Seton is not only the number one healthcare provider but also the second largest employer in the central Texas region.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a physician, scheduler or custodian, Seton offers competitive salaries, exceptional benefits and an excellent environment for all of their employees.

2. St. David’s Healthcare Partnership

Another healthcare provider headquartered in Austin, St. David’s comes in at number three on the list of top private employers in Austin with just over 8,000 employees. Partnered with the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), which is the leader in healthcare service providers throughout the country, St. David’s offers employees the chance to diversify their careers by learning and growing through educational opportunities. Another perk of being in the HCA family? A comprehensive benefits package that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

3. Texan Allergy & Sinus Center

Texan Allergy & Sinus Center is one of the fastest growing companies in Austin, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. They’ve got seven locations around the Austin area. Their qualifications vary depending on each position, but we’ve noticed that they value strong communication skills, personal responsibility and give bonus points to bilingual speakers.


4 education

School may be out for you, but plenty of kids and adults in the city of Austin are still hitting the books. If you’re looking for work in the education sector, there are two facts you need to know — student enrollment is growing, and schools are in serious need of more faculty. That’s good news for anyone that’s qualified to teach. Pop Quiz! Can you guess what one of Austin’s fastest-growing job sector is? That’s right — Education.

Austin needs teachers, and you need a place to continue your career. Do the math — Awesome Opportunity + Amazing City = No Brainer. Smart City has even done some of your homework for you, giving you a cheat-sheet to some of the best private and public schools and universities around town. And if you’re looking for a little extra credit, consider us your private tutor. Hit up Smart City Apartment Locating for a full review of the best places to live in Austin’s best school districts.

1. Independent School Districts

A few notes about Texas public schools — they were ranked four in the country in terms of average teacher salary and enrollment growth. They’re also ranked fourth in high school graduation rate and ranked higher than half of the country in Pre-K through Grade 12 college readiness and NAEP Math scores. If those stats aren’t enough, here’s another — many of Austin’s Independent School Districts are among the region’s major employers. As you search for a place to mold the minds of tomorrow, we consider looking at schools in these districts first. They all employ between 2,000 and 6,000 people.

2. The University of Texas at Austin — Public Higher Education

While teaching the youth of our nation can be fun and rewarding, working at a primary school isn’t your only option for a fulfilling career in Austin’s education sector. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in campus life at a tier-one research institution, apply for a position at The University of Texas at Austin. As one of the largest employers in the central Texas region, UT offers competitive salaries for the diverse and talented faculty and staff it recruits. Here are a few other perks:

  • Insurance options for eligible full-time and part-time employees.
  • Two retirement programs with employer contributions.
  • Multiple paid leave options which include holidays, sick time and yearly leave.
  • Resources for faculty growth, advancement and professional development.
  • Access to a wealth of UT resources and other benefits.

That isn’t a multiple-choice list — employees receive all of those wonderful bonuses. We can already hear you chanting Hook ’em Horns.

3. St. Edward’s University — Private Higher Education

Big things come in small packages, and there’s no better example than the vast opportunities available for students and faculty alike at St. Edward’s University. Ranked as one of the top liberal arts colleges and best colleges in the West, St. Edward’s is an award-winning higher education institution that hundreds of employees are proud to serve. An intimate campus offering both undergrad and graduate programs, those who work at St. Edward’s are helping students, and themselves, find passion and purpose in life.

You don’t have to follow the herd to find a great career in education at one of the fastest growing companies in Austin. St. Edward’s University welcomes dynamic individuals from every walk of life to come and join their team.

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