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Five Professional Tips For Better Packing

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Aug 12, 2019

Moving is stressful; that’s a given! One way to avoid unnecessary stress is by properly packing your belongings and preparing them for the move to your new apartment. So, how do you protect everything from getting destroyed in the moving process, including your sanity? Brittany Waddell, of Allied Van Lines, shared five of her top tips to make sure your next move is well organized and easy to manage.

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Quality packing materials are important

Skimping on the bubble wrap, moving blankets, and packing tape could definitely result in damaged belongings. Make sure you take the time to secure all your belongings, and when in doubt, buy extra! There’s no shame in double-wrapping those precious items. In fact, it gives them a better chance of surviving a move considering the number of bumps and sudden stops there are on the road (and we all know Houston has a lot). Plus, if you buy too many boxes from U-haul, you can return the ones you don’t use!

Pack electronics with all cords and cables in the same box

Pro tip: Take a photo before unplugging everything so you know which port or outlet each cord or cable goes into. Pack it all in one respective box, then use the photo you took to put everything back in the right connection portals–voila! Bypass spending hours hunting down instruction manuals or looking for tutorials on the internet–you know who you are!

Make your labeling system super simple

Use different colored markers or stickers to color coordinate and organize your boxes. It seems obvious, but writing the room name of each box clearly in large letters helps the movers know which rooms to place them in, saving you time by not having to re-organize. Plus, unpacking will be much easier if everything is already in it’s intended place.

Use protection–your glassware will thank you

Spending the extra time it takes to wrap your breakables is WORTH IT. Give them layers (and layers) of protection by using bubble-wrap and/or soft blankets, and always remember to label those boxes “FRAGILE.” It doesn’t hurt to ask that the movers (or those super selfless friends who agreed to help you move) place these items in the front of the truck. That way other boxes aren’t stacked on top of them and they’re the first items moved into your new apartment.

Pack a ‘First Night’ box

In our opinion, This is the best tip of all! Separate out the things you’ll need in the first few days and pack them together as a sort of survival kit, and save yourself the stress of having to go through several boxes looking for toilet paper and the shower curtain (been there, done that). Consider packing things such as clothing, toiletries, a pan for cooking, food (aka wine), a can opener (aka a wine opener), bedding and pillows. Don’t forget to pack easy-to-forget necessities like medication, pet food, and feeding bowls.

Bonus tip: make copies of important documents to keep handy

Scanning copies of documents to your phone or laptop works really well! Think driver’s license, proof of renter’s insurance, a copy of your lease agreement, even a statement for your new electricity account–all of the things!


Brittany Waddell is a contributing writer and media specialist for Allied Van Lines. She also often produces content for a variety of moving blogs.

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