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May 26, 2017

The State Fair of Texas is where we all go to gorge ourselves out on weird fried concoctions… And maybe to ride some rides and hangout with friends. With offerings such as Fried Jell-O, Cookie Fries, and Bacon Margaritas, maybe a turn on the Ferris wheel won’t be the best idea. So, until our pal Big Tex waves us into the fair September 30th through October 23rd, you should forget about that summer bod and try these delicious fried foods to prepare yourself for the State Fried Fair of Texas.


You really can’t go wrong with fried chicken! Now, we’ve got two options for those of you looking to dive into a yummy selection of breaded thighs and breasts. First off, we’ve got Mike’s Chicken. You may be weary when you pull up into this hole-in-the-wall shop with bars across its windows, but trust us, the food is worth the slight sketch factor. Not to mention, it’s got 4.5 stars on Yelp! The skin is so crumbly, the chicken is moist, AND it’s for a bargain. Our other option is maybe for those of you looking to sip on champagne while digging into breaded goodness –  Max’s Wine Dive is for you! Soaked in a jalapeno-buttermilk marinade, this chicken is full of flavor and so delicious that you won’t feel bad about digging in with your hands. Fried chicken is almost a finger food, right?


Don’t sleep on veggies. Fried veggies are life, and some days, we’d take a basket of fried buffalo cauliflower over fried chicken or steak any day! Green Door Public House has our favorite buffalo cauliflower. It is so crisp on the outside, and so dang delicious on the inside, we die with every bite. Our suggestion is to dip it with the bleu cheese dip! Because, y’know, cheese is good with everything.


Yes. These are literally called Danger Dogs. So, you know you’ll likely be dying in the bathroom afterwards, but it’s so worth it. Pancake battered turkey sausage links is our version of heaven and hell, wrapped up in a beautiful deep fried package. Temptations! Don’t worry, we’ll come to visit when you’re in a week long food coma.


Fried fries are the grandaddy of fried foods. The O.G. The poster boy. You can really tell the difference between some top shelf fries and some soggy wannabes. For this category, we’ve narrowed it down to two selections, but for good reason! The first is just your straight forward, delicious fries; Hopdoddy’s Kennebec fries are cooked and seasoned to perfection. Kennebec being the Kennebec potatoes, which are perfect for frying because its low water content lends itself to the perfect texture. You can even order truffle fries, which really kick it up a notch. The second option we have for you is a good ole poutine from Blind Butcher. Now, you may think the gravy and the cheese are the stars of poutine, but without great fries, the dish is just a greasy mess. What we love most about the fries in this dish is that the potatoes are fried in duck fat, which just takes the flavor out of this world!


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