Fun And Festive Fall Things To Do In Austin

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Oct 27, 2017

Summer is over, and Fall has finally crept up on us. Thank goodness the temperature is finally below 90 degrees! Now that the weather has changed, it’s time to think of new season things to do that don’t always involve swimming or being outside. We have some ideas up our sleeve that we think you’ll like too. So kick back, enjoy that hot apple cider and pumpkin scented candle you’re burning– and read this!


Looking for a good scare? Check out Austin’s House of Torment! With three frightening and thrilling attractions, this will for sure give you the adrenaline rush you’re seeking! They also have food and drinks to warm you up before you get scared cold. Check out the grueling Graveside Manor (featuring a goul nun who will likely scare you out of your socks). Or, step inside an old prison with deranged beings that will haunt your every move. If that’s not enough for ya’ll, they also have a creepy Carnival with clowns that will leave you fearful  (if you have clown phobia, we do not recommend this) .


Since Stranger Things Season Two just released today on Netflix, we were feeling super inspired to write this blog post for ya’ll. Invite over all your friends for a Stranger Things watch party and grab snacks, and pumpkin beer (PSA: Trader Joe’s has everything pumpkin related). If you need to watch Stranger Things by yourself uninterrupted — we totally understand. Pick a movie like Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown where everyone can comment out loud and be distracting. Or, catch your movie at your favorite bar like Radio Coffee & Beer who’s having a Stranger Things watch party tonight starting at 9pm.


Halloween is right around the corner, so we hope you have your Halloween costume picked out! So many bars and venues have awesome bands playing, costume parties, and contests going on! We highly recommend checking out Do512’s Halloween Section so you can stay woke on all things Halloween related in Austin. Get your Cady Heron on go all out on your costume–don’t be shy! If this is your first Halloween and always remember the motto: Keep Austin Weird.


We know this weather is cold for Austinites (60 degree winters are a real thing people). Brave the cold and head to a pumpkin patch, or the nearest Central Market and grab some pumpkins and ingredients to make cozy fall inspired drinks like an Apple Cider Moscow Mule! Invite your friends over and get creative– see who can carve the best pumpkin! You may have some hidden pumpkin carving masters out there that you never knew about.


If you have a family or you’re just really into corn mazes, head to the outskirts of Austin and check out farms that have corn mazes and things to do for your little ones and you! Check out Barton Hill Farms Festival and  get lost in their 4 acre Corn Maze. Drink some wine, eat some tex-mex, or snack on some street tacos while you’re here! They also have a petting zoo and a pumpkin patch here!


Now you have a bunch of  Halloween ideas, head out tonight and get festive!

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