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5 Holiday DIY Decorating Ideas For Your Apartment

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Smart City
Dec 8, 2017

December is finally upon us! It’s time to put away the Thanksgiving decor and get rid of the pumpkin scented candles. Post Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have left your pockets feelin’ light, but we are here to give you some money saving tips for all those gifts you want to buy for your family, friends, and significant others (and yourself). Here are 5-holiday decorating ideas for your apartment, no matter how much space you have!

1. O’ Christmas Tree, or no Christmas Tree?

Rosemary Christmas Tree

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Christmas trees can be expensive, large, and bulky and you end up throwing it away. Let’s face it – A lot of us do not have the time or energy to put into decorating a tree. Skip getting a tree this year and get a plant instead! We’re talking a cute plant that looks like a Christmas tree, but is a lot smaller. For example, a plant or shrub like a Norfolk Island Pine or a Rosemary tree. Not only will this save you space, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Instead of throwing your tree away, you can recycle, repurpose, and replant it!

2. Spruce up your interior space

Michaels Holiday Crafts

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Transform the inside of your apartment without breaking the bank this holiday and head to your nearest arts and crafts store! Arts and crafts stores (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Jerry’s Artarama for example) typically sell a lot of creative decor for the holidays like pillow covers, stockings, garlands, and ornaments! If you head here during a sale or snag some coupons, you can typically find these items heavily discounted. If you don’t feel like going outside and prefer ordering from the comfort of your bed, you can also head to Amazon to buy some creative Christmas decor as well!

3. Christmas is in the air

Homemade Holidays Lets Make the House Smell Like Christmas 1

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Tired of buying $20 candles at Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle Co? Try this trick instead. Buy some tangerines and stick cloves in them to give your apartment that Christmas scent. Not only does this smell wonderful, but it’s way more cost effective! Take it a few steps further by following this recipe to make homemade potpourri!

4. Wreath it up!

Wire Hanger Wreath

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Don’t spend an arm and a leg on a wreath this year! Get creative with it and check out wreath-making classes in Austin this holiday season. Or stay cozy in your home instead and craft and make your own wreath with items around your home. Simply take a wire hanger and wrap it into a circular wreath shape. Then, grab some fake garland and wrap it around the wire. Add ornaments, bows, and anything else you want!

5. Creative Ornaments for the Tree

25 diy ornaments 12

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Nowadays we are all getting a little crafty and creative, so why not sprinkle that creativity into personalized ornaments? Each ornament will have its own personality and meaning behind it. It’s as simple as getting clear ornaments, squeezing paint inside, and swirling the ornament around to spread out the paint. So, get those paint brushes out and start DIYing! If you need a little inspiration check these 26 Impressive DIY Christmas Ornaments!!

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