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Hidden Dallas Gems For Summer Moves!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

Summer is seriously #struggles. For one, who really has a beach body already? Not us – I mean, how can we between NEW episodes of GAME OF THRONES?! And for two, you’re probably on the hunt for a new place right now. Summer is the most difficult time of the year to apartment hunt because everyone and their grannies are looking for a place. That means the pickings are slim and prices are ridiculously high! How are you supposed to balance budget stress with stressing over whether your favorite characters are going to make it through the season? #everyoneigetattachedtodies


See, the reason we exist is to do all of the dirty work for you because we know you’ve got better things to do (it’s real hard balancing a full time job and binge watching TV). We are great at our jobs because we talk to the hundreds of apartment complexes in DFW on the daily! We can get you the most accurate pricing and availability, and we can negotiate with the apartments (and sometimes even grovel) for you. Make sure you are working with a locator this summer if you’re moving! You can cut out all the hassle and confusion easily with Smart City, plus it’s no cost to you!

If you’re taking a break from your binge watching, take a look at some of the awesome deals we’ve managed to find this summer:


Vue Live Oak is the perfect place to be if you’re trying to balance a super adult career and a super 20-something social life. It is literally 5 minutes from EVERYTHING – Uptown, Greenville, Design District… Like, think of all the Uber money you’re gonna save?! And Uber money saved is cocktail money earned!

BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: 1 bedroom for $1065


No joke, Axis at Wycliff has the most beautiful kitchen. It is so classy you almost won’t even want to use it. Bring out your inner MasterChef and cook up some pies in a kitchen your grandmother would probably die for. Oh, and there’s also an amazing pool on the property. We all know Texas weather doesn’t play, so be prepared with a beautiful kitchen to whip up margs in and a beautiful pool to cool off in.

BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: 1 bedroom for $1195


Uptown is the hot spot – everyone wants to be there, but prices are ridiculous. Well, we’ve managed to find a gem! Post Uptown Village is in the perf location close to everything, so you can walk to Whole Foods to get your healthy on or over to State and Allen to get your irresponsible on.

BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: 1 bedroom for $1035


Um, Alta Yorktown is gonna be bad for your diet because it’s right next to Taco Deli, Houndstooth, Chicken Scratch, and a million other yummy restaurants. There’s also a yoga studio and JuiceLand you can walk to, so maybe that’ll make up for all the al pastor tacos you’ll be gobbling down!

BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: 1 bedroom for $1137


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