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How To Avoid The SXSW Chaos In Austin!

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Smart City
May 29, 2017

South by Southwest is in town so it’s time to man the hatchets. You’re a local and you don’t have any time for this kind of nonsense!! Over 400,000 people are expected to be in Austin from March 11-16 so it’s bound to ruin your week! If you’re not going to partake in the debauchery with all the tech geeks then you need to map out how you’re going to avoid the hot mess that is SXSW! Here are our tips on how to keep sane during SXSW!

1. Avoid I-35 at all costs! Especially avoid I-35 between Riverside and MLK if you can. It’s going to be a constant nightmare! We’ve heard of this App called Avoid Humans that will tell you which spots in the city are to crowded so you can avoid them all together! Now that’s an App we can get behind!

2. If you must eat, our best suggestion is to head north towards Cedar Park to avoid all the SXSW’ers who are eating downtown and looking for BBQ. It might be time to try Opie’s BBQ in northwest Austin or Habanero Mexican Cafe! Time to mix it up a little!

3. If you like to go out on the weekend and have a drink with friends, you’re going to be strapped on places to go! We recommend trying Crown and Anchor Pub on San Jacinto. It’s by the UT campus but all the students will be on Spring Break so you should be good!

4. If you just have to get out of town, take a day trip! Go for a hike near Onion Creek to see Mckinney Falls or try camping at Devil’s Sinkhole or Enchanted Rock. It’s a beautiful time of year so it’d be great to get outdoors!

5. You can always just stay in your apartment the whole weekend. Hello, Couch by Couchwest. Netflix did just release the new season of House of Cards so that’ll take up a good 8 hours of your day.


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