How To Be A Good Apartment Neighbor

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Feb 1, 2019

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Living in an apartment means being super close to the surrounding neighbors! In most cases, you have neighbors to your left and right, sometimes even above and below you. There are a number of things to be conscious about when living in an apartment, so channel your inner Mr. Rogers and check out our tips to being the best neighbor you can be!

Loud Noises

We’ll start with the obvious, noisy neighbors! Not all of us are light on our feet, so don’t expect the noise level to be on mute. However, when you’re doing a home workout or perfecting the ‘Single Ladies’ routine, make sure you’re being conscious of your stomping.

While we’re on the topic of loud noises, let’s just say this; everyone can respect a good old fashioned party. BUT if you’re hosting, make sure you’re respecting your neighbors when it comes to the volume of your music and your friends; bonus points if you visit them ahead of time to set expectations! Another option is to take it to the streets and have a block party, neighbors invited!


We all love our pups, but let’s be honest, sometimes they have a lot to say and barking can be very distracting and annoying to your neighbors. A lot of us have to leave our furry friends at home while we’re at work, so make sure they’re comfortable! Do this by giving them the best pet care and ensuring they have everything they need while home alone. Another big one is making sure that you’re cleaning up after your dog or cat when they’re finished doing their business. That way you’re not only showing respect for the people around you but the entire community as well!

Realistic Expectations

All’s fair in love and renting! So setting realistic expectations between you and your neighbors is a must. Just like you, your neighbs were expecting you to make a little noise every once in while, so don’t expect them to be mice either! If it’s excessive, pay them a friendly visit to let them know, if they’re not understanding it might be best to inform your property manager(s). An occasional bump or bark is nothing to worry about, so relax and remember to treat your neighbor the way you’d like be treated!

It’s easy to be a good neighbor and fun to have neighbor friends, so try getting to know the people around you! Introduce yourself, invite them over, go to community events, loan them some sugar (it’s 2019, you’re probably using raw, organic honey instead!) whatever you’re comfortable doing! But whatever you do, keep an open mind because you might meet your new bestie!

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