How To Keep Cool This Summer In Austin!

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May 29, 2017

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that also includes the temperature. It may be looking like you need to make like Noah and build your own ark with all the rain that’s coming down the past few weeks, but come on, it’s not a Texas summer until it hits 110 degrees Fahrenheit outside and your sandals melt to the concrete. Get prepared and plan to keep cool at these awesome Austin spots!


The obvious choice to escape the heat is to hit the waters. But come on, we aren’t basic enough to go traipsing out to public pool. Let’s hit the roads and head to San Marcos. Tube down San Marcos River with a beer in one hand and SPF 30 sunscreen in the other. Not to mention, San Marcos has some of the cleanest water in Texas; it’s like doing all of the cool outdoor stuff without all the gross outdoor stuff. In July, there’s also Float Fest, which is a two-day festival full of camping, tubing, music, and drinks. Being an adult is awesome.


Put down the Pabst Blue Ribbon. Live Oak Brewing Company has now started packaging their beer! Shotgunning beer may be a total frat thing to do, but you can be sophisticated by shotgunning CRAFT beer. Why not beat the heat by supporting a local brewery and embracing the hipster part of yourself? I mean, come on, you gotta be a little hipster to be a true Austinite!


There is a festival for everything. There’s even an ICE CREAM FESTIVAL. It. Is. Amazing. Forget that summer body; what do you even need it for? A man will leave you, but ice cream never will. And don’t worry if you’ve already starting digging into the pints of Ben and Jerry already – you’re just getting ready for the ice cream eating contest. All your judge-y friends will be kicking themselves when you’re able to eat an entire gallon of ice cream faster than a bunch of other super cool strangers.


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