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How To Love The State Fair EVEN MORE! (Hint: Live Closer)

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May 26, 2017

Each year, Fair Park becomes a wonderland and we frolick from all over the metroplex to venture into foods we didn’t know could be fried and contraptions we weren’t 100% positive we should ride. We put our arteries and our best friends hand who we’re squeezing all the way through that ride that spins the whole time at risk because it’s the State Fair of Texas, and that’s just what you do. Nothing compares to the draw of this attraction with all of it’s shiny bright lights and long lines for things we usually wouldn’t care about but HELLO, it’s the FAIR! On any ordinary day, it would take a pretty savory brunch to get a Dallasite to stand in line for something. But we happily park our happy little selves in line each year because something about the fair is just magical.

When you live in the central Dallas neighborhoods like Uptown, Knox/Henderson, Oak Lawn, Design District, Medical District, Bishop Arts, Lower Greenville, downtown, and Deep Ellum especially, you can appreciate the State Fair all the more because you can quickly and cheaply Uber there with no qualms. You get to skip all of the parking, the walking and the, “wait…WHERE did we park”, jamboree when your apartment is a mere 6 minute Uber ride away from all of the fried luster. Going to the fair doesn’t have to just be a one-time thing each year, you and your friends can meet at your apartment and all Uber together! This means you’re saving money and will have more money to spend on those smoky bacon margaritas and the fried Oreos!

Lastly, when you live only minutes away from the State Fair of Texas, nothing makes that ferris wheel more fun than trying to spot your apartment from the top and shouting, “HEY, I CAN SEE MY PLACE FROM HERE!”. Even if you can’t find it, your heart will just swell with pride as you overlook the city that you fell madly in love with.

If you want to live closer to funnel cakes, call or text us at 214-586-0519 or fill out one of our apartment search forms for more info and to set up a tour today!


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