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How To Pet-Proof Your Apartment

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Smart City
Jan 18, 2019

We all love our fur babies, but letting them loose in your shiny new apartment can be a little scary! Not only do you want to keep your space clean, you also want to ensure your pet isn’t doing preventable damage to your apartment or furniture. So, we’re here to tell you a few tricks to pet-proofing your space!!


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Let’s start here, because obviously this is where your pet spends most of it’s time. If you’re four legged friends aren’t quite potty triained, it’s not a bad idea to roll up your favorite rugs and store them away while you continue training them. You can also buy baby gates to block them from going into certain parts of your apartment because unintentional dog pee is bad, but dog pee on the bed is worse! Also, consider pet-proofing your flooring to keep your place from adopting any unfavorable aromas and stains.


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You know that friend with the pet? The one who’s place is 50% dog/cat hair and if you’re wearing black and sit on the couch you’re basically screwed? Don’t be that friend. If you don’t have time to vacuum regularly, keep a lint roller nearby to get any hair off before having guests! You can pet-proof furniture by using Scotchgard to prevent stains as well as buying a non-toxic bitter-tasting furniture spray. The spray will teach your pet that contrary to their belief, your very chic couch (that cost so much it’s almost embarrassing) is in fact, not a chew toy.


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If you have a dog, you know all too well that they love to go digging in the garbage for Saturday night’s Whataburger wrappings. The last thing you want to do when you wake up or get home from work is clean up your dog’s trash explosion. So, we recommend storing your trash cans in a pantry/closet or invest in a sturdier more dog proof can with locking lid. This is not only to protect your sanity, but also your dog from eating something they shouldn’t!


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We know you spent way too much money on that macrame wall decoration, so let’s keep it, and any other dangling objects safe from the reach of your cats! Because cats are jerks and we all know that if it’s within their reach at all, they’re going to tear it down. Listen up, it is super important to know which plants are and aren’t toxic to your pets. Plants are very cool and trendy, but some of them can seriously harm your furry friends, so do your research! If you are second guessing (or just plain don’t know) if your plants are safe to be around your animals, check out ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

Pet-proofing = peace of mind; it’s as simple as that!

Looking to move, have pets (or plan on getting some), and don’t know where to find pet-friendly apartments in Austin? Lucky for you, we have the inside and would love to help you and your furry friends find a space to thrive!

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