How To Sunday Funday In Austin!

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May 29, 2017

Austinites know how to Sunday Funday like no other city. While most people would consider this a day to cure their hangovers and wounds from the weekend, Austin knows how to keep the party going! This is an actually thing here ya’ll, we’re not kidding! We know all the perfect spots to be when you’re looking to chase away those Sunday scaries. Now get your group of friends together after you Saturday night out and relive all the memories you made the night before and run to Rainey! Here’s a few of our favorite locations around town if you’re looking to keep the ball rolling!


If you have never been to Rainey, think of it as that small town feel right in the middle of the city. There is so much character and charm in which is what makes this so special. In rows of little quaint bungalow style bars, lies endless amounts of options for you to explore! This is a super popular area on Sunday’s so make sure you get here early to beat the crowd and avoid the wait!

Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden

If you’re looking to sip on some manmosa’s (yes MANmosa’s because they’re huge) and listen to live music be sure to stop at Banger’s for their Sunday brunch from 10am-4pm! There’s also outdoor seating and an off the leash dog park so you can bring your furry friend along to hangout! If champagne isn’t really your jam, choose from their super long list of beers! They also have plenty of fun games like Jenga to play with your crew.

Lucille Patio Lounge

Chill in hammocks here that are an all time favorite, after a long weekend of boozing. With a 1920’s feel in here (inspired by a flapper named Lucille) you will feel all the Rainey vibes while you’re sipping on a sophisticated cocktail from their handcrafted list. Plenty of outdoor seating and dog friendly, you will soon understand why the name includes patio lounge!


Newest and coolest on the block, is this hot spot! There’s a whimsical carnival feel right when you walk in! We can’t stop talking about the oversized Moscow Mules either. Perfect for Sunday Funday to share with your homies! Grab some delicious treats like funnel cake sundaes and mini corn dog baskets as well if you don’t feel like drinking. There’s also live music all the time (because it’s Austin, we are known for our live music!) This is a place you’ll want to stay at all night long and never leave because you’re having such a good time.

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