Hottest Houston apartment deals in March 2020

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Lacy H.
Apr 1, 2020

Whether you follow us loyally on social media or scroll-stalk us intermittently, it’s easy to identify three main themes in the captions of all of our posts – apartment deals, market chit-chat, and freebies. We always want to give viewers context as to why something is post-worthy for us because only the creme of the crop makes it to our Houston Instagram! 

In that same spirit, we thought it would be helpful to do a monthly recap highlighting property posts from the month prior so they’re all in one place. That way, you can quickly see and compare what makes it a deal (is it because of price/location, location/finishes, or price/finishes); identify consistency in market pricing (based on supply, demand, and location); and, know what comes free in order to get pricing where it’s at (also known as ‘negotiated deals,’ specials or concessions).

Smart City Negotiated Deals

Though many of the units we post get leased within a matter of days, this list will provide a birds-eye view of the market and how it moves and changes. After reading it, you should feel a little more acquainted with the ranges of rent in Houston depending on where you are in the metro. With that, here were the top contenders in the greater Houston area during the month of March. If you’re moving in or to the city of Houston and see something that’s right up your alley, fill out our 30-second webform and get linked to a free (there’s that word again) Smart City agent so we can get your search rollin’!

Our top post picks for March 2020

March 13 – Brand spankin’ new in Katy, One-bedroom unit – $999

First of all, it’s brand new and under $1k. When we say “brand new,” we mean big, bright kitchens with farmhouse sinks, luxe vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light, and entryway built-ins. This area of Katy is still being developed, so new things are opening up all the time within walking distance. So, the price for finishes and location is prime!

March 17 – Split-level in the Energy Corridor, Two-bedroom unit – $1,300

Hello! $1,300 for a two-bedroom unit? That’s less than $700 per roomie! This two-level unit is recently renovated, so the flooring, paint, and countertops are all freshly installed. The downstairs features the living space and one of the bedrooms, with the second bedroom, bathroom and MASSIVE walk-in closet upstairs. It offers all the homey vibes, the price is crazy-competitive for the area, and it’s the perfect location for anyone who works in the Energy Corridor and wants a short commute (side-eyeing you, I-10).

March 30 – Med. Center magic, One-bedroom unit – $1,265

This unit is huge – 941 sqft and this particular property’s pricing is usually much higher, so this would typically be the price of a smaller studio here. That much square footage inside the loop for that price is definitely a steal! Plus, soft loft features like the cut-out toward the ceiling in the bedroom make the space feel extremely open.

inner-loop houston apartment

As for all the others, here’s the full March rental rates line-up for your viewing (and possibly leasing) pleasure:


$1,026 after Smart City negotiated 6 weeks free for clients – Med Center – 1 bed/1 bath – 634 sqft.

$1,187 – Washington Ave. – studio – 512 sqft.

$1,525 – River Oaks – 2 bed/ 2 bath – 1075 sqft. (only featured on Facebook)

$1,691 after a reduced rate – Montrose – 1 bed/1 bath – 755 sqft. (only featured on Facebook)

$1,242 after a Smart City exclusive of 2 weeks free for clients – Uptown – 1 bed/1 bath – 647 sqft.

$1,292 after 2 months free – Washington Ave. – 2 bed/ 2 bath – 861 sqft.

$962 – Med Center – 1 bed/1 bath – 682 sqft.

$1,234 after 6 weeks free – Heights – 1 bed/1 bath – 699 sqft.

$927 after 1 month free – Timbergrove – studio – 479 sqft.

$1,265 – Med Center – 1 bed/1 bath SOFT LOFT – 941 sqft.

$1,210 after a reduced rate – Midtown – 1 bed/1 bath – 696 sqft.

outer-loop houston apartment


$2,099 after 12 weeks free – Med Center – 2 bed/2 bath BRAND NEW – 1248 sqft.

$1,025 – Energy Corridor – 1 bed/1 bath – 690 sqft.

$1,300 – Energy Corridor – 2 bed/2 bath – 1470 sqft.

$1,075 after 8 weeks free – Spring Branch East – 1 bed/1 bath – 755 sqft.

$996 – Galleria – 1 bed/1 bath – 593 sqft.

apartment in katy, texas


$1,155 after discounted rates + 6 weeks free – Spring – 1 bed/1 bath – 794 sqft.

$940 after a reduced rate + 1 month free – The Woodlands – 1 bed/1 bath – 640 sqft.

$999 after 8 weeks free + extra money off – Katy – 1 bed/1 bath – 687 sqft.

$1,158 after a Smart City exclusive deal saving clients $75/month – Katy – 1 bed/1 bath – 849 sqft.

Photo and tours of these bad boys can be found on our Houston Instagram and Facebook pages! Our agents are also hella-versed in virtual touring and everything clients need to make an informed decision on their next move, even during times of social distancing and shelter in place orders. If that’s what you need right now, we’re here to help! Text us: (713) 482-1323.


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